You may be asking yourself who we are and why we’re here. The answers to those questions are quite simple, really. We are a group of people – much like you – who are passionate about art. The history, as well as the future, of this ancient form of expression fascinates us, moves us, and generally gives us the shivers. In short, we love all things art.

Why are we here?

Well, the answer to that is just as simple. We’re looking to educate you on how to educate yourself in preparation for an exciting career in art!

So, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward realizing your artistic dreams. By learning as much as you can about your intended art career and others like it, you are better preparing yourself for success.

We urge you to take a look at everything we have to offer! No matter what type of art you’re into, you’ll most likely find it here. Currently, we’ve listed fine and visual arts, along with performing arts. We also have information for aspiring writers and designers.

You’ll find a breakdown of nearly every type of art and career you can imagine, from the normal to the more obscure. Some of the art careers you’ll find here include graphic design, painting, photography, golf course design, video game design, and even found art! If you don’t see your passion on our site, contact us and we’ll add it.

In these art career pages, you’ll find tons of information. For each career, we try to provide a concise overview of each career, as well as a little information about what each type of artist does. We also try to give you information regarding where each type of artist works and how to get started. Since we know you probably don’t want to live out the starving artist cliché, we’ve even provided salary information for all of the different art careers.

Like many successful careers, however, a career in art often starts with an excellent education. For each of the different careers listed, we also provide concise information regarding what type of art school is necessary, or at least helpful. There’s even an online art school section for your research.

So, take time to look around. You’re welcome to stay as long as you like!


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