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Online Animation Degree Programs and Courses Overview

Computer AnimationAs movies, commercials, video games, and basically any other visual media has become more popular in today’s culture, animation and animation jobs have become more prevalent, especially at the university level. Traditional animation degrees have been around for awhile, but recently, the technological and computer-based aspects of animation have made online animation degree programs a reality and now some of the smarter and more successful online schools in the country have begun to offer online animation classes.

The degree is comprehensive and rigorous, so don’t assume that just because the program is online that it will be easier than a similar program at a traditional university. You will be given a knowledge base in the principles of art and animation that include the creation of 3D characters and images as well as the importance of shaping and lighting. There is a very heavy science focus in these programs and you will be asked to study the basics of psychics and anatomy which will help you when you get to the more complex education theories such as computer animation.

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In some instances, an online animation degree program may actually prove advantageous when it comes to searching for a job because the online program exposes students to the latest tools, applications, and design theory that will play a big role when it comes time for students to start creating 3D media.

Then, once you have a comprehensive animation education, then it will be time to create your animation portfolio so that you can head off into the working world confident that you are armed with the skill-set to succeed in animation and diverse examples of that skill-set you can use to impress potential employers.

Choosing an Online Animation Degree Program

Animation is still a subject that is new to online learning and because of that, not every online school has developed an effective and successful online animation degree program that will help you get the well-rounded education you will need to succeed in the industry. This means you should be looking for programs with the latest technology so that you will gain valuable experience with the best software the industry has to offer and potentially gain a critical advantage over other job seekers.

It also means that the people who run the program should have experience with converting subjects to an online learning format. New programs can be especially hit or miss while the program creators try to identify and solve problems with the coursework, its delivery, and its effectiveness. Generally speaking, course creators with experience in converting programs into an online format will be able to use their experience to create a more satisfactory and engaging program, so those programs might be ones to highlight.

You also want to be looking for programs with accomplished faculty. Any program worth its salt knows that in order to effectively teach a subject as advanced as animation, it will need some of the most accomplished and qualified instructors in the field, so make sure your professors and faculty has experience, talent, and success teaching students to be successful in the animation field. Also, because online animation degree programs are so new, it is important to speak with potential employers and recent program graduates to gauge whether or not the costs will eventually be worth it when you find an excellent starting point to your career.

Online Animation Course Types

Just because the animation course will be delivered in an online format, doesn’t mean that it will be any easier. In fact, depending on what type of degree you are pursuing, you may find the coursework and material is more demanding and rigorous online that it would be in a traditional classroom. Those who choose to pursue an associate’s degree in the subject will be exposed to both traditional and cutting-edge animation skills while opening entry-level doors in the animation and visual effects industry.

3d animationThe students who pursue a bachelor’s degree will be receiving an intensive education in subjects like visual effects, 3D modeling, storyboarding, and character animation before being asked to focus on a specific subject. They should also be prepared to create a portfolio of their work so they can demonstrate their knowledge of the important subjects. A bachelor’s degree will likely open up more doors to different types of visual arts employment including positions like storyboard artist, 3D animator, and concept artist.

The highest possible degree to achieve is a master’s degree in animation. Master’s degree students will get an opportunity to learn more about creating their own animated film and characters which may include insight on directing and producing such films. Once the degree is completed, most graduates are armed with the knowledge to produce most aspects of visual effects with an emphasis on technical skill development. Many programs will require Master’s students to create a final project that may eventually get used for publication and will definitely become a defining part of your portfolio as you build a career in the exciting world of animation.