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The Great State Cupcake Debate

The first time we heard someone describe themselves as a “cupcake artist”, we laughed. When we thought about cupcakes, we thought about bakeries using colorful frosting and sprinkles to create a delicious treat. Sure, they are colorful, but that hardly counts as art. But after hearing from a self-professed cupcake artist, we got curious and did some research. What we found is that the joke is really on us, for not realizing just how creative and artistic cupcake creation can be.

If you watch the Food Network then you already know that bakeries who strive to create unique and memorable cupcakes, treat the process as an art form, and no detail goes unnoticed. We have seen poodles, unicorns, flowers, movie actors, and yes, even other cupcakes all designed into the frosting of cupcakes, and we are routinely blown away by how creative and talented these designers really are.

Of course all of these impressive designs made us think, “If we didn’t take cupcake artistry seriously, how many other people don’t take it seriously either?” We don’t have an exact answer to that question, but we can make an educated guess, and we are guessing there are a lot of people who don’t think cupcake creation can be an art form. Luckily, we have the perfect platform to change that, our website. We have already highlighted museums, designers, and architecture firms that weren’t getting the recognition they deserved, so we decided to take up the challenge of shining our spotlight on some of the cupcake shops making a name for themselves with their design chops.

The problem was that calling out only 20 or 30 cupcake shops around the country wasn’t going to work. There were just too many excellent cupcake shops that we would have been leaving out, and we would have been remiss to leave so many off the list. So we decided to segment our list even more, and now we are bringing “The Great State Cupcake Debate” to our loyal readers. It’s not really a competition; it is really just a way for us to highlight many of the best cupcake shops, in each state.

Of course don’t have enough manpower to release all 50 states in the next week, so instead we will be releasing three or four states every week, and as we release them, you will be able to find the list using the helpful chart below.

So make sure to check out the designs and read about the unique visions and tactics that shop-owners are using to differentiate their cupcakes. We guarantee that by the end of these lists, you will know doubt the art of cupcake creation again.


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  • Anna Ortiz
    Anna Ortiz

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