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The Great State Cupcake Debate: Best of Alaska

The “Great State Cupcake Debate” takes us to the Land of the Midnight Sun, and at first thought, Alaska doesn’t exactly seem like a state that would deserve much attention when it comes to cupcake shops. But look closer and you will find that, while the number of shops in the state pales in comparison to states like California and New York, they make up for the lack of quantity with quality. There are just six shops highlighted in this feature, but each one is excellent in its own way. So scroll through, and make sure to stop by these places next time you find yourself in Alaska.


Sugar Mama’s

Sometimes the best things are hidden in small places, and Sugar Mama’s – located in Skagway, which has a population of less than 1,000 people – is no exception. You should be able to tell it is a cupcake shop just by walking by thanks to its bright pink exterior, but it’s what’s inside that will have your mouth watering. As the summer tourist season heats up, Sugar Mama’s becomes a must-visit shop for hungry cruise passengers and they have their perfectly moist cakes and diverse menu selection to thank for that. The crowds can make selection and wait times undesirable at times, but the large number of people who flock there should be enough indication that the quality of the cupcakes is better than good.

For more information, be sure to check them out:  On Yelp


Frost Cupcake Shop

A recently opened, small shop, Frost Cupcake Shop is tasty stop for residents and visitors of Palmer that doesn’t have the feel or impersonal customer service of a large chain. The cupcakes are baked fresh and the bakers take the time to make sure that every cupcake looks just as good as it tastes. The square shape and colorful tinfoil make Frost’s designs unique, and their clever and intricate flavors ensure that you will be able to find something you have probably never tried. It can be difficult to balance creative design with excellent taste, but Frost Cupcake Shop seems to have perfected the balancing act in short order, and it should only get better from here.

For more information, be sure to check them out:  On Facebook


Creative Cakes by Jeryll

Fresh off their coronation as National Champions of the Food Network’s “Cupcake Cookoff Challenge”, Creative Cakes by Jeryll has established themselves as one of the best cake bakeries in Alaska if not the entire Pacific Northwest. They specialize in wedding cakes, but don’t even think about discounting their intricately designed and incredibly satisfying cupcakes. The taste is great, but their cupcakes designs are so remarkable that they have actually started offering cake decorating classes to people interested in learning from Jeryll herself.

For more information, be sure to check them out on:  On Facebook  On Yelp


Sweet Cakes

Classy or clever, elegant or funny, no matter what type of cupcake design you are looking for, Sweet Cakes can more than likely accommodate you. Aside from cupcakes, their innovative idea that seems to be catching on is cake pops, which are basically lollipops made from cake. Described by some as “sinfully delicious”, these cake pops and their fun and colorful cake and cupcake designs have this Fairbanks shop flying high. Their designs might not have the minute detail that some of the other shops have perfected, but Sweet Cakes makes up for that with their creative ideas for 3-D designs including a cake-based Hulk hand punching through a cake, and a “two peas in a pod” design for a baby shower. Add that to the fact that people seem to love the way their product tastes, and they are an easy inclusion on this list.

For more information, be sure to check them out on:  On Facebook


Snowflake Cakes

Without any formal training in cake decoration, Jessica Muller opened Snowflake Cakes and has quickly made a name for her shop with her creative designs and great tasting cupcakes. With help from her mother-in-law, Jessica has created a thriving business using only her talents and perseverance. The designs may not be as professional or detailed as some of the other shops, but when you consider this is just one woman who turned her passion into profession, the taste and design is all the more impressive. The scary part is that Muller hasn’t been doing this for very long, so she will only improve and innovate as her business grows, making this Anchorage shop one to watch for down the line.


Superstar Pastry Design

You want well-designed, exquisitely-tasting cupcakes made from scratch? Then Superstar Pastry Design is probably a good bet. Like so many others, the pastry shop specializes in grandiose and extravagant wedding cakes, but its eclectic mix of cupcakes and their willingness to allow customers to choose their own frosting, flavor, and cake make this shop stand out from others like it. From bowling balls to dinosaurs, no design is too difficult or too “out there” for the folks at Superstar Pastry Design, and for that ambition and talent, we applaud them.

For more information, be sure to check them out on:  On Yelp

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