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50 Great Clubs for Your Comedy Fix

Let’s get things straight from the beginning, comedy, whether it’s stand-up, improv, or something in between, is most definitely an art form. It takes a unique blend of story-telling ability, acting, practice being a comedian, effortless body language control, timing, and nerve management. Now imagine making your career as a comedian. We have justified this existence of this piece by simply explaining the amazing challenge of being funny, consistently funny; sometimes in front of tough crowds, varying demographics, and socioeconomic groups.  We wanted to let the comedy community know that while they may fly under the radar when people think of art, they are not being overlooked from us at Here are 50 of some the best places to get your comedy fix from amazing comedians we respect more than words can express ranked in no particular order:


Gotham Comedy Club (New York City, NY)

You can’t start off a list of excellent comedy clubs without starting in the undisputed best city for comedy in the country, and you can’t start a list of the New York City comedy clubs without starting with Gotham. Since its relatively recent opening in 1996, the Gotham Comedy Club has hosted a steady stream of comedy heavyweights including Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle and has something going on every night of the week. You can pick between some of the more well-known names in comedy on the weekends, or catch a new talent showcase during the week. @GothamComedy, Facebook


UP Comedy Club (Chicago, IL)

One of the finest comedy clubs in Chicago, the UP Comedy Club feels more like a full-service restaurant that just also happens to have really funny people telling jokes instead of a band. The house seats nearly 300 people and usually packs it with fans thanks to its diverse variety of high-profile bookings and local talent flying under the radar. Plus, the drinks are cheap, well for club prices anyway. @UpComedyClub, Facebook


The Punchline (Atlanta, GA)

Buried down in the South is one of the best places to catch a comedy show in the entire country, the Punchline. Too many all-time greats to count have blessed the stage and the microphone like Eddie Murphy, Ron White and Jay Leno. The nearly 300-seat club doesn't just host the “who’s who” in comedy either, they give plenty of young, lesser-known comics a chance to flex their comedy muscles and never run out of a range of shows to choose from during the week. @punchlinecomedy, Facebook


Comedy Cellar (New York City, NY)

This well-known Greenwich Village comedy spot has a legitimate claim to being one of the best comedy clubs in New York City thanks to its rich history of excellent comedy. That brick wall you keep seeing when you Google comedian clips? That is the Comedy Cellar, so now you should know just how many certified comedy superstars have performed at the Comedy Cellar, probably more than once too. It’s obviously quite popular, so make sure you stay on top of the lineup and don’t miss a chance catch some of the biggest names in the business. @NYCComedyCellar, Facebook


Wilbur Theatre (Boston, MA)

The Wilbur is not strictly a comedy club as many nights you can catch an excellent concert as well, but when the Wilbur does do comedy, they don’t mess around. Adam Carolla, Russell Peters, and Marc Maron are just a few in the schedule…and that’s just the last few weeks. The building itself is nearly 100 years old but some recent sprucing up has made it the destination theatre in Boston to catch a show. Plus, its stadium seating means there isn't a bad seat in the house. @The_Wilbur, Facebook


Punchline Comedy Club (San Francisco, CA)

One of the oldest comedy clubs in the city, Punchline has earned its reputation with its consistently outstanding booking, comfortable and cozy venue, and plenty of sweet audio and lighting technology that add to the ambiance. This Battery Street shop has played host to the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Attell, and of course Dave Chappelle, making it a go-to destination for comedy on the West Coast. @punchlinesf, Facebook


Esters Follies

Esther’s Follies (Austin, TX)

This three-decade-old comedy variety show located in the heart of downtown Austin has been one of the most consistently funny comedy and magic show in the entire country. It’s bizarre, and definitely over-the-top, but that’s kind of the point and it is unique in everything from its skits to its stage that seems to merge with a bustling Sixth Street. Definitely a cost-effective treat if you are in town on vacation or if you are a local. @EsthersFollies, Facebook


The Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory (Los Angeles, CA)

The Laugh Factory actually has five locations in everywhere from Hollywood to Las Vegas, but given the amount of comedic talent that regularly graces the stage in California’s entertainment capital, if you had to choose one venue to attend, it would be the one in Los Angeles. The venue not only hosts a regularly scheduled open mic night for unheard of newcomers, but it also obviously attracts top-flight talent and some of the more unique and hilarious comedy sketch and improv shows in the country. @thelaughfactory, Facebook


Upright Citizens Brigade

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (New York City, NY)

It doesn’t matter if you are going to the theatre in Chelsea or the theatre in the East Village, the nationally notorious Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre always comes correct with its scheduling and booking. The theatre brings a small-time feel to its widely recognized performances, charging hardly any money at the door and jamming people into their small but cozy theatre. What was once one of the funniest sketch comedy shows in the country has blossomed into three theatres on both coasts hosting more than 25 different types of comedy shows per week, guaranteeing that fans of good comedy won’t be disappointed when they come to watch. @UCBTheatreNY, Facebook


Jet City Improv

Jet City Improv (Seattle, WA)

Any list of great places to watch comedy would be foolish to leave off this oft-hidden gem of the Pacific Northwest. What the show lacks in stand-up diversity it makes up with some of the funniest improve skits, games, and musical numbers around. How else could it have managed to stay around for more than two decades? The shows are limited to the weekends, but they are 90 minutes of hilarious, unique, and diverse comedy skits and musicals that are great to attend with a big group or your family. @JetCityImprov, Facebook


The Comedy Inn

The Comedy Inn (Miami, FL)

A city known more for its glitzy nightclubs, Miami throws down in the comedy genre as well. The joint is located in the conference room of a Quality Inn and provides one of the more up-close-and-personal comedy shows anywhere in the country. Whether it’s one of the regularly scheduled local talents or an unannounced drop-in from a well-known name, the Comedy Inn provides its patrons will a steady rotation of hilarious stand-up performances in a small but lively venue…oh and don’t forget about the top-shelf open bar that lasts all night so long as you are willing to pay $35. @TheComedyInn, Facebook


Acme Comedy Club

Acme Comedy Club (Minneapolis, MN)

The Acme Comedy Club is well-known on the comedy circuit thanks in large part to its ability to attract nationally recognized talent and commitment to the art of standup, making it a favorite for many aspiring and known comedians. Located in the Warehouse District, the club has a full restaurant inside as well as plenty of seating and an intimate feel for its patrons. The club has launched many careers of local comedians and remains committed to showcasing local talent when it isn’t reeling in big fish like Doug Benson, Hannibal Buress, and Joe Mande. @AcmeComedyCo, Facebook


Gaslamp Comedy Show

Gaslamp Comedy Show (San Diego, CA)

The Tipsy Crow is a San Diego bar with an old-school feel and if you happen to venture into the dimly lit basement, you might just stumble across some of the best comedy performances that Southern California has to offer. The tickets and the alcohol are usually quite cheap and the Crow does comedy right by inviting effortlessly mixing talented local comedians with big-name performers in an atmosphere that will make you think you are in one of the classic comedy clubs in the country. The shows might be too infrequent for a true comedy junkie but what the show lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. @GaslampComedySD



StandUpLive (Phoenix, AZ)

There is no contest, the Stand Up Live Comedy Theater is the premier comedy destination in Arizona and it's not even really that close. Smack dab in the middle of downtown Phoenix, this club parades headlining acts across its stage as if it were Madison Square Garden and manages to combine an upscale environment with the intimate feel that makes watching comedy so great. The shows are usually limited to Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but the bookers do an excellent job of consistently reeling in big names like Andrew Dice Clay and DL Hughley so I guess we can forgive them for that. @standuplive, Facebook



Comedy Lab at ImprovBoston (Cambridge, MS)

Next time you have $12 to spare (only $10 if you are a student) on a Wednesday, you should try and make your way into Harvard Square and catch what is considered one of the best comedy shows to see in the Boston area. The show features three sets with a rotating cast of characters and types of comedy performances. The show has bits of every type of comedy woven in such as musical comedy, sketch comedy, and of course the occasional stand-up performances. The show puts on a similar show all month, and then, to their credit, brings something brand new the next month, which makes it worth going back and seeing a second time. @improvboston, Facebook



La Nuit Comedy Theater (New Orleans, LA)

Tucked away Uptown and away from all of the glitz and glamour of the Casinos and Bourbon Street is a comedy theater so small it would be easy to pass without noticing. But the La Nuit Comedy Theater has made a name for itself thanks to its impressive sketch and improv shows. You won't catch the huge stars on stage, but you may catch them stopping by for a drink or to watch the local talent. Whether you prefer the untested comedy of an open mic night or a more seasoned show like ComedySportz or one of the improv shows, this tiny venue has something for everyone. It may be small for some people's tastes, but others would argue that the smaller the venue, the more personal and effective the show. @NOLAComedy, Facebook



Wisecrackers Comedy Club (Merrillville, IN)

Located in the cozy Star Cafe, the Wisecrackers Comedy Club has made a name for itself by hosting some impressive comedy acts since its opening in 1999. The shows usually start at 9:30 p.m., which is a bit later than most, and the cafe only transforms into a comedy venue on Friday and Saturday, but the regular rotation of impressively credentialed guest performers make Wisecrackers a great place to bring a date or go get buzzed and laugh with your friends. Tickets are usually less than $20 and the responsive cocktail servers make sure you never lack for food or drink, so why not give it a shot? @wisecrackersnwi


Comedy Works

Comedy Works (Denver, CO)

Denver may not seem like the most obvious destination for the best of comedy, but one visit to Comedy Works will quickly change your mind. The Denver institution has been in the business of comedy since the beginning of the 1980's and still regularly boasts a stacked schedule filled with A-list comedians. The place got so popular it has opened a second location South of Denver and provide comedians for parties and produce shows for major events. It is no longer just a comedy club, it is all-purpose comedy business that is excellent at what it does. But what Comedy Works still does best is host talent like Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reiser in a downtown Denver basement with a cozy feel and a raucous atmosphere. It is truly one of the hidden comedy gems of the country. @ComedyWorks, Facebook



Zanies Comedy Club (Chicago, IL)

Any comedy aficionado has already been to at least one Zanies' location but if you haven't well then you are in for a real treat. The club has four locations, one in Chicago, two in nearby parts of Illinois, and one in Nashville, which is a testament to its growth, its popularity, and its ability to host incredible talent and provide a party atmosphere. The 21+ club caters to a more adult crowd and continuously hosts some of the best local and national talent in comedy today. The bottom line is that Zanies is a big deal. Everyone in comedy knows to stop by the club when they get a free moment in Chicago and the club owners and staff know how to create a festive atmosphere at any of the four locations. @ZaniesComClubs, Facebook


The Comedy Underground

Comedy Underground (Seattle, WA)

The Comedy Underground is a staple of Washington comedy and has helped launch the careers of some of the most famous comedians in the business. With a location in Seattle and one in Tacoma, there is really no excuse not to take a night out there if you are visiting Washington, chances are you will enjoy yourself. These days the club hosts mostly excellent local acts with the occasional open mic night sprinkled in as well. But the superstars still know to visit the clubs' locations when they pass through the state and the dark and cozy atmosphere make the show more personal and exciting for the visitor. @Com_Underground, Facebook



Borgata Comedy Club (Atlantic City, NJ)

The Comedy Club within the Borgata Hotel and Casino can occasionally get lost amidst everything else the Casino has to offer. The upscale club still retains an up-close and personal feel that keeps the audience engaged throughout. But with a show nearly every day of the week and a deep roster of talented regular entertainers, the Comedy Club is a cost-effective and low-key way to have a good time and laugh a little…or a lot. @BorgataAC


Capitol City

Capitol City Comedy Club (Austin, TX)

What was once know as the Laff Stop until it changed its name in 1996, the Capitol City Comedy Club is an Austin nightlife staple and regularly hosts famous and not-so-famous but still extremely talented comedians. The club sponsors comedy festivals in Austin, it hosts the renowned "Funniest Person in Austin" contest, and hosts a variety of different comedy acts including an open mic night. In a city that has a lot to over, Cap City still stands out. @CapCityComedy, Facebook


The Comedy Attic

Comedy Attic (Bloomington, IN)

The Comedy Attic is not just one of the best places in Indiana to catch great comedy, it's knack for consistently putting on hilarious shows as earned it national attention and some of the biggest names in comedy now descend on Bloomington to perform at the nearly five-year-old club. Bloomington doesn't get the credit it deserves as a city but it is lively and that atmosphere can also be found on any given weekend night at the Comedy Attic. Few clubs have been able to achieve such rapid success, but the Attic earned it. @comedyattic, Facebook



The Riviera Comedy Club (Las Vegas, NV)

It might surprise some to know that amidst all the glitz and the glamor of the casinos and clubs of Las Vegas, the Riviera Comedy Club has rather quietly become a premier destination to watch comedy around the country. The club is backed by all the might of one of Las Vegas' most popular hotels yet still puts on an intimate show that can be a refreshing break from all of the flashing lights of the strip. Plus, the club doesn't skimp when it comes to booking talent and constantly hosts some of the bigger names in the business. @RivieraLasVegas



JellyRolls (Orlando, FL)

Located right on the Boardwalk in Walt Disney World, JellyRolls is a nationally renowned, all-request, sing-a-long piano bar known for being a raucous good time for any adults looking to escape the child-centric Disney World attractions. The drinks can be expensive, but they are a small price to pay when you consider that you are seeing some of the most talented musicians of any kind playing up to the crowd and creating a fun atmosphere that stays rocking and rolling from the minute the acts go on at 8:00 p.m. to when they get off well after midnight. @Jellyrolls, Facebook


Baltimore Comedy Factory

Baltimore Comedy Factory (Baltimore, MD)

Some get turned off by the mandatory two-drink minimum, but if you come to the Baltimore Comedy Factory looking to eat, drink, laugh, and be merry, then there are fewer better spots on the Eastern Seaboard. The factory has excellent seating, reasonably priced tickets and a regular schedule featuring the "who's who" in comedy today. Performances are all weekend and occasionally during the week, just make sure to bring your party pants, because a two-drink minimum means the crowd is lively and ready to have fun. @BComedyFactory, Facebook



Goodnight's Comedy Club (Raleigh, NC)

Tucked away in the middle of the Research Triangle of North Carolina, Goodnight's routinely comes correct with a weekend lineup of heavy hitters and the occasional week day shows that don't disappoint either. This 30-year-old club has two different restaurants on the premise so you can choose the meal you want, and its inexpensive tickets mean you get to enjoy some non-stop laughter (from professionals or amateurs flexing their skills at open mic night) for a bargain, ensuring you will leave the place fulfilled. @GoodnightsCC, Facebook


Rooster T

Rooster T. Feathers Comedy Club (Sunnyvale, CA)

If you are visiting San Francisco looking for comedy, make sure you don't limit yourself to the city itself, because less than 50 miles south on the Peninsula is Rooster T. Feathers, perhaps the best comedy club in all of the Bay Area. The club has been operating for nearly 40 years and its spacious interior and decor make you feel like you are entering a night club. The table seating is comfortable and the stage is small enough to give off an intimate feel. Oh did we forget to mention that the club is a favorite for comedy veterans and headliners and also hosts a weekly new comic competition to help unearth some of the area's best amateur comedy talent. @RoosterTF, Facebook



Hyena's Comedy Nightclubs (Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, TX)

It should be a good sign for comedy fans to know that Hyena's has become some popular and well-known that the owners have opened up a location in Forth Worth and downtown Dallas. The venue is small and according to some, cramped. But comedy die-hards who prefer a smaller, more intimate, and interactive setting will appreciate the Hyena's and its coziness. The folks doing the booking masterfully blend excellent local talent with more well-known performers and since the tickets are relatively inexpensive, Hyena's can be a cheap and laugh-filled evening for anyone with a comedy hankering in the area. @HyenasComedy, Facebook



Helium Comedy Club (Philadelphia, PA)

For years Philadelphia has been a hub for comedy and people looking to laugh, and Helium is one of the reasons why. Located in the always bustling Rittenhouse Square, Helium Comedy Club never fails to deliver a packed schedule of either competitions amongst local comedians, 20-comedian-deep open mic nights, and main events with acts like Dave Attell, Demetri Martin, and the Sklar Brothers. The club gives off a dark, lounge vibe, which only enhances the viewing pleasure and the club's ability to regularly attract top talent should prove that even comedians know that Helium knows how to put on a good show at a reasonable price. @HeliumComedy, Facebook


Funny Bone

Funny Bone Comedy Club (Tunica, MS)

Most head over to Harrah's Tunica for some finally legal gambling in the Deep South but if you happen to find yourself in the area with nothing to do, you won't find many better ways to spend your time than at the Funny Bone Comedy Club located in the casino. The club has acts booked at least five nights per week, including an impressive local roster and an always entertaining open mic night as well. The club combines spacious seating with a more gritty feel befitting of a New York City comedy club and like any comedy club in a casino, boasts nearly unmatched service and cocktail menus, making the club a great stop if you just won….or lost your money gambling. @HarrahsTunica



Caroline's (New York City, NY)

You didn't think we were done with comedy shows from the Comedy Capital did you? Located on Broadway, Caroline's is one of the premier night clubs in the entire country, mixing a lively and fun atmosphere with a regular schedule of some of the best and most well-known comedians in the country. The club has launched many a career and comedians like Artie Lange, Billy Crystal, and Jay Leno have all graced the stage more than once. The club has been open for more than 30 years and in addition to a nightclub-like venue, the club is multi-faceted when it comes to its performances, blending headliners with open mic nights, competitions, and themed parties or events to make sure patrons get a diverse experience every time they come. @CarolinesonBway, Facebook



Hilarities 4th Street Theatre (Cleveland, OH)

Comedy in Cleveland generally only gets attention when Drew Carey is being mentioned, but true comedy fans know there are few venues where you are guaranteed to laugh more than at Hilarities 4th Street Theatre in the Gateway District. The venue was made-for-comedy and backs that up by delivering a rotating and diverse set of comedy acts, pitchers of craft beer, reasonable prices, upscale and classy decor, and a packed schedule of famous and not-so-famous comedians who know better than to skip over a performance at Hilarities as they pass through the Midwest. @Hilarities, Facebook


West Side

M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater (Santa Monica, CA)

Most comedy clubs know the complaints about their clubs revolve around cringe-worthy pricing, mandatory drink minimums, and less-than-ideal service. But patrons of this Santa Monica hot spot need not worry about those things as tickets are cheap, drinks are cheaper, and the laughs are plentiful. They have open mic nights, professional improv shows, musical comedy acts, and of course a cast of national comedians who grace the stage on weekends. All of that, plus the fact that you can work a buzz for less than 20 dollars and will be treated to comfortable seating and a inspired decor means that it might be worth taking a night off from your beach vacation to see some comedy. @westsidecomedy, Facebook



Harvey's Comedy Club (Portland, OR)

Portland may not have the same hustle and bustle as Los Angeles or New York, but it's intelligent and young community make it a great city for comedy and Harvey's has built a reputation by catering to that community. The 21-year-old comedy club has a small stage and showroom that make every performance intimate and while Harvey's doesn't regularly host the biggest names in comedy, it does book an excellent mix of local comedy stars and more national headliners with a critically acclaimed reputation. Perhaps the best part about the experience is the crowd, which is almost always lively and knowledgeable about comedy, ensuring the experience is a complete one, no matter who is on stage. @HarveyComedyPDX


Steel City

Steel City Improv Theater (Pittsburgh, PA)

This tiny Shadyside venue has earned its reputation as one of the city's best improv shows in a city that is full of great improv. The tickets are incredibly cheap and so is the alcohol, so if you can spare $20-30, you should head down to the Steel City Improv Theater for what will be an hour of excellent improv that features different performers and a variety of different improv acts. If that's not enough, the theater also offers excellent improv classes for beginners and interested parties, helping ensure that they are grooming the next generation of excellent Pittsburgh improv comedians, many of whom you can see before they make it big in this cozy but raucous venue. @SteelCityImprov, Facebook


The Stress Factory

Stress Factory Comedy Club (New Brunswick, NJ)

The Stress Factory Comedy Club may not be the most well-known or the premier destination for big-name comics in the Tri-State area, but few venues offer more variety than Stress Factory. Whether it's comedy from a hypnotist, JB Smoove of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame, or local improv acts, you are pretty much guaranteed to laugh when you visit this club which takes its comedy very seriously and makes sure its acts are first-class. That isn't it though, because you can rent the joint out for a private party, or hone your comedy skills at their school, or even get plenty of laughs in before the show starts thanks to the clubs unique "insulting camera" and pre-show videos. The shows are constant and there is a great blend of local talent and national comedians for your comedy pleasure. @StressFactoryCC, Facebook


Laughing Skull

Laughing Skull Lounge (Atlanta, GA)

The Laughing Skull Lounge seems made for comedy purists. The club is proud of its tiny, 74-seat venue and it should be equally proud of its impressive scheduling, which is chalk-full with everything from variety shows to open mics nights and of course veteran comedians on tour.  The crowds know their comedy and usually are ready to party, making every show, no matter who the act is, an enjoyable experience for everyone. The place is so acclaimed that it is now in its fourth year of putting on its own comedy festival, which should tell the masses that the Lounge is doing something right. @LaughingSkull, Facebook


The Comedy Zone

The Comedy Zone (Jacksonville, FL)

Not every comedy club has the wherewithal or the funding to put on shows five days per week, but excluding Sundays and Mondays, the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville is open for business every day of the week and stopping by means you could be treated to everything from a hypnotist to a nationally recognized comic, for relatively cheap. Its upscale and trendy venue and consistently terrific booking have helped make it one of the premier comedy destinations in Florida that can be fun for a dinner date with your significant other but maybe more fun with a huge group of your rowdy friends. @ComedyZoneJax, Facebook


Just The Funny

Just The Funny Theater (Miami, FL)

Great improv usually involves audience participation and the Just The Funny improv company recognizes this and does it better than most. You would be hard-pressed to find more variety and hilarity from a improv and sketch comedy group in South Florida that has been winning awards since the turn of the century. The shows are relatively infrequent but they are cheap, tons of fun, and feature a diverse and versatile cast and performance based on audience suggestions that will keep patrons entertained and engaged throughout. @justthefunny, Facebook


DC Improv

DC Improv (Washington, D.C.)

DC Improv is hardly just an improv comedy club. In fact, it is one of the most famous comedy clubs in the country and regularly attracts big names like Dave Chappelle, Kevin James, and Jim Breuer. DC Improv is a full-service comedy club too, complete with two showrooms, regular comedy classes and schools, and a restaurant with surprisingly excellent food. The variety of the shows combined with affordable pricing and an intimate venue for the audience to feel involved in the performance make DC Improv one of the premier comedy stops in the country. @dcimprov, Facebook



Joey's Comedy Club (Livonia, MI)

A local comedy club that has become a true hidden gem, Joey's is a hot, cramped comedy club where comedy die hards can come for a personal feel and the chance to see the best up and coming comedians in the area. The restaurant Kicker's is downstairs if you want to stop by for dinner first and the dinner and show packages are cheap and well worth it given the quality of the performances. If you are lucky enough to catch a show when the place isn't packed, it possible to feel like you are getting a private show from the act thanks to the small and intimate venue. @JoeysComedyClub, Facebook


Side Splitters

Side Splitters Comedy Club (Tampa Bay, FL)

Tampa Bay is better known for it's…er…"other kind" of clubs but nonetheless, Side Splitters has carved out a spot among popular night-out activities in Tampa Bay thanks to its always smart and knowledgeable crowd and consistently excellent booking. The club has been in business for more than 20 years and an 18-plus requirement ensures that the jokes can get raunchy without offending anyone. Inside the club, the ambiance and spacious seating makes sure that no guest feels cramped as they watch a host of local talent parade through on open mic night, or a national headliner in for a series of weekend shows. @SSCCTampa, Facebook


The Comedy Catch

The Comedy Catch (Chattanooga, TN)

Chattanooga may be off the beaten comedy path but the dedicated folks at Comedy Catch have created a vibrant and advanced comedy atmosphere in the middle of Tennessee that effortlessly blends hilarious locals with bigger names to become one of the premier destinations for anyone visiting Chattanooga. The spacious showroom can seat 250 people and the club merged with the Giggles Grill downstairs to give patrons dinner and a show options if they show choose. Between the lighting, the cozy stage, and the regular parade of famous comics like Jeff Foxworthy and Tracy Morgan that graces the stage, the Comedy Catch is a can't miss spot to visit for anyone making a comedy pilgrimage. @comedycatch, Facebook


Go Bananas

Go Bananas (Cincinnati, OH)

If ever there was a place that knew how to market itself, Go Bananas would give them a run for their money. Between easy and free parking, drink specials, packages for free tickets, and a litany of gift certificates, it can be hard to turn down the offers flowing out of the club. Oh did we mention that the folks doing the booking over there come correct with a solid mix of local amateurs looking to make it big and comedy circuit veterans guaranteed to make the crowd laugh. Saturdays can get a bit crazier thanks to the 21-plus requirements, but the club puts on shows five days per week, so there is a comedy show for everyone, so long as you are promising to have a good time. @gobananascomedy, Facebook


Tommy Ts

Tommy T's Comedy Steakhouse (Pleasanton, CA)

It can be difficult to find a good comedy club or a good steakhouse, let alone one venue that is good at both. But at Tommy T's Comedy Steakhouse, you can rub shoulders with some of the most famous comedians in the game while also chowing down on a 9 oz. Filet Mignon at the same time. The club's dark lighting gives it the perfect ambiance and the schedulers make sure that four to five nights per week guests are treated to a variety of excellent comedy from sketch competitions and open mic nights to a trio of weekend performances from folks you would recognize on television. The incredible experience has made Tommy T's one of the premier comedy clubs in Northern California and has made it a favorite for comedians who appreciate a lively, hip, and smart crowd looking for a great performance. @Tommytscomedy2, Facebook



Skyline Comedy Cafe (Appleton, WI)

Wisconsin's best place to watch comedy is small, intimate venue southwest of Green Bay. Appleton is not exactly a bustling metropolis, but The Skyline Comedy Cafe still manages to reel in national talent. The cafe usually books its bigger acts for a weekend, but there is a Pro-Am Showcase every Thursday that gives local talent a chance to strut their stuff. The food and drinks are reasonably priced and the crowd is usually small, smart, and hip, which has helped make this rural Wisconsin comedy club a favorite for big-time comedians swinging through the Midwest. @SkylineComedy, Facebook



Dirty South Comedy Theater (Carrboro, NC)

If you are looking for a glitzy and glamorous comedy club packed with stars, then the Dirty South Comedy Club Theater may not be for you. But if you are looking for a theater that's dedication to improv comedy includes performances seven days per week, a variety of talented comedians and acts, and a small, intimate, and gritty 84-seat theater that makes audience members feel like a part of the show, then by all means, head down to Carrboro. Tickets are cheap and the comedy is excellent. These folks are so dedicated to the art form that they can make everything from individual skits to dueling improv troupes seem like the funniest thing you have seen in a long time. @DSIcomedy, Facebook


Laff Spot

Laff Spot (Spring, TX)

The Laff Spot used to be one of the best comedy clubs in the Southwest, but they have put aside their comedy shows in favor of one of the more unique and hilarious comedy events you will find anywhere in the country. The Laff Spot has transformed from a comedy club into a full-time, state-approved, defensive driving school that blends comedy with actual classes to help you get your ticket taken care of in the least boring way possible. All the classes are taught by professional stand-up comedians and the class will legitimately help take care of your traffic violations. What other place can you reduce the fine for your speeding violation while also getting and up-close and personal comedy experience along with it. @LaffSpot


Comic Strip Live

Comedy Strip Live (New York City, NY)

You didn't think we were going to end the list without sneaking another famous New York City comedy club onto the list did you? The Comedy Strip Live has hosted some of the most famous comedians in the business and they still continue to book some of the biggest and best names in the business. You can also catch some of Gladys' legendary open mic nights which are now performed at Comedy Strip Live and the large-ish venue and dark lighting create the perfect mood and ambiance for a New York City comedy club. A performance here is truly comedy done correctly. @comicstriplive, Facebook

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