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Video Game Design Schools in West Virginia

Video game design is perfect for individuals with artistic talent and who have great attention to detail. A flair for creating great storylines is helpful as well. Although the career seems to be growing at a slower pace than the national average for other occupations, there are plenty of chances to excel in this profession. Video game designers need essential skills, including 2-D and 3-D animation, various programming skills, digital media knowledge and much more. Finding great training can help those living in the state of West Virginia to realize their dream of becoming a video game designer.

Where Video Game Designers in West Virginia Work

Video game designers in the state of West Virginia often work with software publishers or at cellular phone companies, schools and animation studios. Bigger names in the business include WVU-TV, located in Morgantown, and Equitable Productions in the city of Charleston. Some professionals with these skills work for advertisement agencies like Fantasia Broadcasting located in Fairmont. Many video game designers in the state of West Virginia work out of state, as commuting to larger cities like Pittsburgh or Baltimore is easy from certain West Virginia cities.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in West Virginia

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 50 multimedia artists and animators employed in the state of West Virginia. The annual median wage for these professionals is $45,130. This is slightly lower than the national average for this occupation, which is $69,560. However, pay rate is dependent upon individuals’ location within the state of West Virginia as well as their experience. Workforce West Virginia estimates that the growth for this occupation through the year 2020 will be 1.66%. While this doesn’t seem like a large number, few people graduate from video game design schools in the state each year, so the competition isn’t too fierce.

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National Estimates for Video Game Designers

Throughout the US, there were 29,270 video game designers employed in May of 2011, as reported by the BLS. States with the highest levels of employment for animators and multimedia artists are California (9,220), New York (2,710), Washington (2,530), Texas (1,590) and Illinois (950). Most people who work in this profession are employed with motion picture and video companies, work with computer design systems and related services, or are employed with software publishing companies. Seeking education in one state and then relocating to find better employment possibilities is very common in this industry, as it is with similar industries like the motion picture industry and various artistic professions.

Training for Video Game Designers in West Virginia

The most important thing individuals need to succeed in this industry is a diverse education. There are a few different options for residents of West Virginia, including West Virginia University, Parkersburg. This campus offers various digital game design courses, taught by game designer Laura Kerbyson, although there is no degree available for animation or multimedia artists from this particular school Other options include online schools such as ITT Tech in Huntington or Cabell.

You can learn more about the online and offline school possibilities for video game designers in West Virginia here.



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