Video Game Design Schools in Virginia

Video game design is a growing career, becoming more popular as more and more individuals discover the thrills and fun storylines of video games. A lot of skills are involved in creating video games, and specialized degree programs help individuals gain the education they need to be successful in this industry. These programs teach students everything from 2-D and 3-D animation to storyline development, programming and digital media. The state of Virginia offers up a thriving job market for animators and multimedia artists, so it’s a great place to train and work.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Virginia

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 500 multimedia artists and animators employed in the state of Virginia in May of 2012. Those professionals earned an annual median wage of $58,980, which is only slightly lower than the national average for this occupation ($69,560). Pay for video game designers in the state of Virginia is dependent upon location, experience and as with any other profession, the position held. It is not uncommon for individuals to train in the state of Virginia and then relocate after obtaining a degree to find more promising job opportunities.

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Where Video Game Designers in Virginia Work

Those who have obtained an education in video game design in the state of Virginia may seek out jobs with advertisers or publishers in the state. The Martin Agency, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, is one large advertising agency which often employs multimedia artists and animators. Other big names in advertising include Media General, Rightminds and Royall & Company. There are also motion picture companies that employ these types of professionals, including Aesthetic Vision Productions, Metro Productions and Vodium Software.

National Estimates for Video Game Designers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has collected data across the US for this profession, and has found that there were approximately 29,270 multimedia artists and animators. Some states have higher levels of employment than others, and the top 5 states according to the BLS are California, New York, Texas, Washington and Illinois. Data collected shows that the majority of individuals in this profession work at companies producing motion pictures and videos, with computer design systems or at software publishing companies.

Training for Video Game Designers in Virginia

A lot of learning goes into becoming a great video game designer. Students need to learn a variety of different concepts before being able to succeed in this profession. Virginia offers up a few choices as far as education.

Regent University – Regent University offers a bachelor’s degree in animation.

ITT Technical Institute – ITT Technical Institute has locations in both Richmond and Norfolk. They offer Bachelor of science degree in digital entertainment and game design.

Art Institute of Virginia Beach – Art Institute of Virginia Beach offers a course in game design.

Each of these is a great option, and will help increase your chances of becoming a successful video game designer, whether you plan to practice your art in the state of Virginia or not.

You can learn more about campus and online schools for video game designers here.



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