Video Game Design Schools in Utah

In today’s world, the video game reigns as one of the leading sources of entertainment for individuals. Those who have artistic talent and are interested in digital media and animation may succeed in the video game design industry. In video game design school, students learn important 2-D and 3-D animation techniques as well as a variety of other skills, from project management to storyline development. Utah is a great state for learning and practicing video game design.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Utah

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are 240 multimedia artists and animators employed in the state of Utah. These artists make an annual median wage of $54,630, which is comparable to the national average for this occupation: $69,560. This breaks down to a median hourly wage of about $25.85. The need for video game designers is growing in the state of Utah and the Department of Workforce Statistics estimates that 30 new professionals will be hired in the state through the year 2020. This is about a 2% increase within that time frame.

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US Statistics for Video Game Designers

This industry is certainly on the rise all over the country. As of May, 2012, there were approximately 29,270 multimedia artists and animators employed in the US, according to the BLS. Those professionals earned an annual median wage of $69,560. The states with the highest employment for video game designers are listed as California (9,220), New York (2,710), Washington (2,530), Texas (1,590) and Illinois (950). Pay and positions are all dependent upon the professional’s location, so basing your search in larger Utah cities is a good idea.

Where Video Game Designers in Utah Work

Most individuals who have received a degree in animation and multimedia design will work with production companies, software companies, and motion picture companies as well as with computer design companies. There are several options when it comes to obtaining a job in Utah. Just a few companies that employ animators and multimedia artists include Golden Street Animation, Studio 4D1, Creative Media Group, Amenat Studios and Too Many Legs Animation. Salt Lake City, Utah boasts video game companies like Electronic Arts Inc, Epic Games and Disney Interactive.

Video Game Design Schools in Utah

Although there are many states without specific video game design training, Utah isn’t one of them.

Broadview Entertainment Arts University – Broadview Entertainment Arts University offers bachelor of fine arts degree in game art or an associate of applied science degree in digital video and media production.

University of Utah – University of Utah offers up various multimedia art degrees as well as animation.

Brigham Young University – Brigham Young University features the Center for Animation, which offers a major in animation as well as a computer science degree with an animation emphasis.

Other schools in Utah offering video game design training include Utah State University.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for future video game designers in Utah, from Salt Lake City to Provo. You can learn more about the campus-based and online video game design schools in Utah here.



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