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Video Game Design Schools in South Dakota

Whether it’s a free roam RPG or an interactive dance game, it seems like everyone has a favorite video game. As the popularity of this form of entertainment grows, so does the need for excellent video game designers. Those with a talent for art and an appreciation for digital media may have a bright future in this career, but it’s essential to seek proper training first. In school, video game design students will learn various aspects of the industry including animation, storyline development, programming and more.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in South Dakota

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in May of 2012 there were approximately 60 animators and multimedia artists working in the state of South Dakota. So, how is the pay for these professionals? Unfortunately, it’s on the lower end, with an annual median wage of $36,430. This is almost half the national average for this career. This translates to an hourly median wage of about $16.76. However, pay can be significantly higher than this depending upon your education level and where in the state you live.

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Statistics for Video Game Designers throughout the US

If you’re wondering how South Dakota statistics compare to those in the rest of the country, know that there are definitely some differences. The annual median wage for video game designers in the US is $61,370 and there are nearly 30,000 employed in the states collectively. If you’re thinking of training in South Dakota and relocating after graduation, you should know that the states with the highest levels of employment are California, New York, Washington, Texas and Illinois.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the majority of graduates work in the motion picture and video industries. Others may work with computer systems design and related industries, with software publishers or in advertising, public relations and related services.

Where Video Game Designers in South Dakota Work

There are hundreds of computer animation and design firms located in the state of South Dakota, so the potential to find a job is great. You will have the option to work with game developers or in advertising or similar fields. Digital Designs in Spearfish produces graphics and design projects for clients, while Liquid Ice Entertainment in Newell is one of the biggest animation studios in the state. Other big names include Vision Video Inc., Epic Multimedia and Animation Factory – all in Sioux Falls.

Video Game Design Schools in South Dakota

South Dakota State University – South Dakota State University offers courses in animation, computer graphics, interactive design and much more.

Dakota State University – Dakota State University in Madison offers a bachelor of science in production animation.

Black Hills State University – Black Hills State University offers up a bachelor’s degree in multimedia.

These are the campus-based locations available within the state of South Dakota, but certainly not the only choices you have available to you.

You can learn more about campus-based schools as well as online options for video game design in South Dakota here.



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