Video Game Design Schools in Oklahoma

As individuals choose video games more and more as a means of relaxation and entertainment, the industry grows. So does the need for qualified, skilled video game designers. Oklahoma boasts a fair video game industry, with approximately 49 video game design graduates each year. These students learn animation, multimedia art, storyline development, programming, character development and more. It’s essential to seek out great training before attempting to enter the industry.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Oklahoma

The art industry related to gaming and entertainment is set to grow more than 17% in Oklahoma through the year 2020, according to the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. As of May 2012, there were about 60 multimedia artists and animators employed within the state, and those professionals earned an annual median wage of $44,510 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The hotspots for video game design in the state of Oregon are Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

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US Statistics for Video Game Designers

Throughout the US, the video game design industry is growing. There are nearly 30,000 multimedia artists and animators currently employed in the US, the BLS reports. The annual median wage is just shy of $62,000 though the top 10% earns more than $100,000 per year. Larger cities throughout the US are the hotspots of the gaming industry but the top states as far as employment goes include California, New York, Washington, Texas and Illinois. Most of these professionals are employed in the motion picture industry, with software publishing companies or with marketing and advertising companies.

Where Video Game Designers in Oklahoma Work

Oklahoma has a variety of options for multimedia artists and animators, from advertising companies to animation studios. Tulsa offers up 3 Dream Studios, a company specializing in architectural animation as well as website development and advertising. Other big names in Oklahoma include Skyline Animation Studios, Techwise and Steelhouse Productions, which has been covered in the Huffington Post, Game Informer and Mashable. These are just a few of the options video game designers have within the state.

Video Game Design Schools in Oklahoma

If you’re seeking a place to gain extraordinary multimedia art talent, then you have several to choose from in Oklahoma.

Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center – Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center offers up courses in digital media and art.

Rogers State University – Rogers State University offers animation and additional art classes.

Oklahoma Christian University – Oklahoma Christian University boasts a bachelor’s program in gaming and animation.

University of Central Oklahoma – University of Central Oklahoma offers a bachelor’s program in animation production.

These aren’t the only choices Oklahomans have, though. You can learn more about the campus-based and online options for video game design schools in Oklahoma here.



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