Video Game Design Schools in Ohio

For young talented artists in the state of Ohio, video game design is a wonderful focus. Being one of the 10 largest states in America, Ohio is home to some of the most impressive animation studios and graphic design companies. However, it’s important to gain the right kind of education before attempting to break into the field. There are a variety of choices available for getting this education, as The Buckeye State offers up several schools.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Ohio

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has collected data from Ohio multimedia artists and animator employers, and as of May 2012, there were 450 of these professionals employed within the state. The annual median wage for video game designers was $57,880 which is nearly as much as the national average for this profession. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services expects that this industry will grow at least 1% through the year 2018. While this is slower than average, an individual with a great educational background and a variety of accumulated skills shouldn’t have a problem finding a great position.

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Countrywide Statistics for Video Game Designers

The US seems to be obsessed with great video games, and that trend doesn’t appear to be slowing any time soon. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 29,270 multimedia artists and animators employed in the country as of May 2012. Those professionals earned an annual median salary of just over $60,000, although the top 10% earn more than $113,000. Pay is directly dependent upon location and educational background. Those who are planning to learn in Ohio and then relocate after graduation might be interested to know the top 5 states as far as employment of video game designers goes: California, New York, Washington, Texas and Illinois.

Where Video Game Designers in Ohio Work

There are hundreds of animation studios, graphic design studios and advertising agencies that commonly employ animators and multimedia artists in the state of Ohio. Some of the big names in animation include Flaming Medusa Studios, 2tall Animation Studio, Digital Squirrel Studio, Jamination and Imagescape. Those who are interested in pursuing a job should start with larger cities like Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland.

Video Game Design Schools in Ohio

Ohio offers up a multitude of different schools with animation and multimedia programs.

Columbus College of Art & Design – Columbus College of Art & Design offers up Bachelor’s in Animation

Cleveland Institute of Art – Cleveland Institute of Art offers animation, illustration and graphic design.

Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green State University offers Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Digital Arts; Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Graphic Design

University of Cincinnati – University of Cincinnati offers a one-year certificate program in Animation

University of Akron – >University of Akron offers Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, Graphic Design

Kent State University – Kent State University offers online learing as well as an Associate program in Computer Design, Animation, and Game Design

There are also online options for individuals who would rather learn from the comfort of their home. You can learn more about campus-based and online video game design schools here.



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