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Video Game Design Schools in New Hampshire

The video game industry in the state is small; less than 1 percent of the video game development jobs in the nation are located in New Hampshire. The industry is growing fast, however. There was a nearly 700 percent growth in the field from 2006 to 2010. A majority of the video game development graduates in the state obtained a bachelor’s degree in video game design.

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Occupations Available in the Video Game Industry

Video Game Designers
The video game designers conceive the original storyline and plot of the game. They then supervise the game’s development and production. The salary in New Hampshire for a game designer is from $54,000 to more than $135,000 per year.

Video Game Programmers
There are more than a dozen programming specialties used in producing a video game, from physics programmer to network programmer. Video game programmers must have an extensive education, usually a bachelor’s or master’s degree. They must be educated in C or C++ and Assembly, Lua, Perl and more. Video game programmers in the U.S. make from $77,000 beginning salary to more than $125,000 for six or more years’ experience.

Video Game Narrators
Narrators are used to write the text of the game, mainly in role-playing games. New graduates with writing or English degrees develop industry experience and networking opportunities by writing game guides or writing articles and interviews for video game magazines. Education or experience with graphics will help gain employment. The average salary for a game narrator in the U.S. is $65,000 per year.

Video Game Artists and Animators
The artist is a critical to bring the video game to life. Good artwork has a strong influence over how popular a game will become. The animators and artists work with the design team to make the video game’s graphics successful. Video game artists and animators need artistic experience from pencil and paper to 3D programs. According to Game Developer Magazine animators and artists made an average salary of more than $70,000.

Read “Work for Play, careers in video game development,” produced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics if you are interested in a career in this field.

Video Game Education Available in New Hampshire

Southern New Hampshire University – Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH offers Bachelor of Art, Game Design and Development. SNHU developed its extensive video game curriculum with the help of the International Game Developers Association. The degree has tracks for a wide variety of video game professions. Tuition is $28,554 per year.

Great Bay Community College – Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, NH offers Associate in Science, Digital Media Technology, with concentration options in Digital Communications, Game Programming or a generalized pathway. Great Bay Community College is the largest New Hampshire school for video game degrees, based on the number of students in the program. The Game Programming Concentration first teaches game theory and design. Then, higher level programming courses are introduced to produce simulations and games. The Digital Communications Concentration prepares the student for the fields of video artist and animator. All of the programs offer the student transferable credits to enroll in a bachelor’s program after graduation. New Hampshire residents pay $6,016 per year.

Daniel Webster College – Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH offers Bachelor of Science, Gaming, Simulation and Robotics. The program is project based, paralleling academic study with hands-on learning. The senior year offers opportunities with either internships or a software engineering project. Daniel Webster College is owned by ITT Educational Services, Inc. Undergraduate tuition for the 2013/14 school year is $12,605.

Full Sail University – Full Sail University offers online coursework in Bachelor’s degree, Game Design and Bachelor’s degree, Game Art. At this private, for-profit online school, courses include game mechanics and production, level design, game asset review, and game design and development analysis. Students graduate the game design program with a complete game prototype to show to employers and investors. The Game Art degree teaches the basics of interactive graphics, including scene design, motion physics and character creation. Graduates have worked on games like Madden NFL 11, The Beatles: Rock Band, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and others. It is possible to finish coursework for the bachelor’s degree in 32 months. Online tuition is currently $7,125 per semester.

There are other online schools such as The Art Institutes, The Art Academy and deVry.



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