Video Game Design Schools in Maryland

Maryland — Gaming’s East Coast Hub

Maryland is considered the East Coast’s center for design and development and digital media. Therefore, it is to be expected it would offer many options for schooling in video game design. You have a wide range of choices including an associate degree, bachelor degree, and even a certificate program.

The average tuition cost for a two-year college in Maryland for video game design is $6,354 per year, while the average cost of a bachelor degree per year is $7, 329. Keep in mind, these costs are for public institutions.  Private schools, such as ITT Technical Institute, are much more expensive at around $18,048 per year.

We have highlighted a selection of colleges at the bottom of this page.  If you don’t see a school below that appeals to you, check back after a while and see if we have added any new schools because they are adding programs all the time.

Featured Schools:

Online Schools

Programs available:
  • See Areas of study Game Design, Bachelor of Science (Online)
  • See Areas of study Game Art, Bachelor of Science (Online)

Programs available:
  • See Areas of study Game Art & Design (BFA)
  • See Areas of study Graphic Design (AS)

Occupations Available in the Gaming Industry

There is always room in the game development industry for those with a variety of talents and interests.

The design team is responsible for the concept of the game and is in charge of its creation. They conceive and supervise the production of the story, characters, maps and game flow.

There are many different programming specialties involved in the production of a video game. Graphics, artificial intelligence, and the application of physics are only a few of the types of specialties for programmers that help bring a concept to reality. A deep knowledge of C or C++ programming languages is required. Other languages used are Perl, Assembly and Lua.

Writers work with game designers to provide speech to the game’s characters and to help create context. Writers are used most extensively in role-playing games.

Artists work with the game’s designer to produce the artwork. Art help bring the characters to life. Their work extends to the imagining of towns and cities, forests and farm, land-based vehicles and spacecraft, and more. Not only used for the game’s design, the artist may design marketing pieces and package design as well.

Video Game Education Available in Maryland

  • Full Sail University – Full Sail offers courses in Game Design and other related careers. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Full Sail delivers a highly specialized education that blends the art, technology, and storytelling needed to create a successful game.
  • DeVry University – DeVry University offers programming and design courses with a specialized degree in Multimedia Design and Development in Web Game Programming. Coursework includes Game Development, Interactive Web Page Scripting, Multiplayer Online Game Development, Programming Multimedia for the Web and more.
  • Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences, University of Baltimore – The University of Baltimore is the state’s premierepublic undergraduate, graduate, and professional University located in the heart of Baltimore. The various schools provide education in business, law, public affairs and the applied arts and sciences. Relevant to game development, courses include the study of computer technology to produce computer games and create interactive educational and training materials, Programming, Graphics for Game Design, Game Scripting, to name just a few.
  • Cecil College – Cecil College offers innumerable computer science courses with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Gaming and Simulation and a Simulation Design and Gaming Certificate being both available.
  • Montgomery College – Montgomery College has three campuses in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Montgomery County. Montgomery College offers an Associate of Arts degree in Computer Gaming & Simulation which has three tracks: game art and animation, game production and design, and game programming. Students with this degree are eligible to transfer to the bachelor’s program at the University of Baltimore. There are also two certificate programs available. There are the Internet Gaming and Simulation Certificate and a Web Gaming Certificate, which is focused on web-based games which use Flash and Action script.
  • Hagerstown Community College – Hagerstown Community College offers an A.A.S. Option in Simulation and Digital Entertainment degree and SDE Certificate programs. Students graduating from programs will be able to design the entire range of computer games, from advertising to simulation to education.
  • ITT Technical Institute – ITT Technical Institute in Owings Mills is a private institution that offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design.

Places to Intern

  • RPGM, started in 2008, specializes in Apple iOS and Android games. This company focuses is on fun, visually impressive games. Though relatively small, they have several games published in the App Store and appear to be growing. RPGM utilizes techniques to publish for multiple devices at once and also has experience in web software development with a their own custom web service for multiplayer functionality.
  • Firaxis Games, founded in 1996, is well respected game development studio. “Firaxis” is a combination of “fiery” and “axis” and is meant to communicate “the company’s dynamic process of game development resulting in the creation of groundbreaking titles that deliver unparalleled gameplay and endless fun to millions of gamers around the globe.” Creatively headed by the industry legend Sid Meier, Firaxis has released dozens of popular games on multiple platforms and In 2012 was named as the World’s #1 Developer of the Year by Game Informer Magazine.
  • Digital Steamworks is a custom software development company that got its start in videogames and realtime 3D simulations. The company was founded in 2003 by industry veterans from MicroProse Software, Hasbro Interactive, Atari and Acclaim Entertainment. Projects range from traditional entertainment and educational games to professional training simulations, data visualizations, augmented reality displays, and motion capture technology.
  • BreakAway is a leading developer of games and simulations making use virtual worlds for game play. They specialize in using game technology to help in finding solutions to real-world challenges.
  • ZeniMax Media is a game developer comprised of world-class game developers, artists and designers, programmers, and leading executives and talent from traditional media. It creates and publishes original interactive entertainment content for consoles, the PC, and handheld/wireless devices.




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