Video Game Design Schools in Louisiana

As gaming giants in the United States face an increased need to hire fresh talent to join their team of multimedia artists, designers and animators, companies often seek out candidates with the most skills and experience. Individuals, who have attended video game design schools or have taken related courses, often see the best opportunities to fill open positions. In Louisiana, students will encounter programs that offer classes in 3-D technology, digital sound, 3-D programming and graphic design.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Louisiana

There are fewer than 6,000 video game professionals that work in the state of Louisiana, which has seen an increase in employment opportunities over the past couple of years. The job outlook for this ever-evolving career opportunity is good for game designers working in Louisiana, who can expect to earn an average annual salary of $71,000.

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Obtaining Video Game Designer Training

Tax credits and other lucrative incentives for game studios that relocate to New Orleans, Baton Rouge or Shreveport have contributed to a boom in the video game industry in Louisiana. For example, Electronic Arts recently set up their North American QA Testing Facility at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

To prepare for a position at a video game studio or with a gaming software development company, candidates must undergo training to become a video game designer. Whether obtained on a campus in Louisiana or through online learning, the basic course of study incorporates classes that teach the game design process, the technology involved, and the latest techniques in achieving realistic animations.

Video Game Design Schools in Louisiana

When seeking a degree program in Louisiana that focuses on building skills and knowledge for video game design, ITT Technical Institute is one of the primary learning institutions that cater to the field. However, plans for the Louisiana Digital Media Facility at Louisiana State University will certainly open many opportunities for students to gain experience in the digital arts.

ITT Technical Institute, Rose – ITT Technical Institute in Rose offers a Bachelor of Science degree program for Digital Entertainment and Game Design that prepares individuals for the world of digital games and multimedia applications. Courses focus on creating a foundation in digital game design with classes in gaming technology, game design process, animation, and level design.

ITT Technical Institute, Baton Rouge – ITT Technical Institute, Baton Rouge offers course instruction to obtain an Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Communications and Design, which can prepare aspiring video game designers for higher education or the pursuit of entry-level position in the field.

To obtain the necessary training to qualify for a job in video game design, students don’t have to rely on campus-based programs to gain an education. There are many online learning options that take a student’s creativity and knowledge of the industry to the next level. For more information, consider browsing the following list of online video game design programs in Louisiana:



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