Video Game Design Schools in Kansas

Video game design is a growing field across the United States, and gaming companies are constantly on the lookout for fresh, creative minds to fill open job positions. In Kansas, students can enter a video design program to earn a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree at one of many schools. Typical courses usually touch upon 3-D computer animation, game graphics, and game programming.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Kansas

Digital media and gaming design is on the rise in Kansas, but with more than 400,000 residents, graduates of video game design programs in the state often find the highest-paying jobs in the city of Wichita. More than half of all videogame design jobs in the state are found here. As opposed to 2006, there were 6,200 more video game design professionals working in Kansas in 2010 – representing a 279-percent growth in the field. According to Indeed.com, the average salary for a video game designer in Kansas is $75,000.

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Obtaining Video Game Designer Training

Kansas-based video game design programs are found in a handful of learning institutions across the state. Additionally, some students seek their education by pursuing other programs that incorporate classes related to the field that can lead to careers in video game design and development. For example, Washburn University in Topeka offers an associate and bachelor’s program in Design and Applied Arts.

Video Game Design Schools in Kansas

Kansas is home to four colleges that offer degree and certificate programs in game design or related areas, such as 3-D interactive technology or production.

Allen Community College – Allen Community College students earn a Production Media Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science in Production Media. The certificate program allows students to get his or her feet wet in Flash, Dreamweaver, graphic design, and Photoshop.

Butler Community College – Butler Community College located in El Dorado awards students with a certificate and associate degree in interactive 3-D technology, where courses touch upon 3-D computer animation, 3-D world building, scripting, game graphics, and game programming.

Johnson County Community College – Johnson County Community College in Overland Park offers a game development program culminating in a Game Business Advanced Certificate, Game Narrative Advanced Certificate, Game Programming Advanced Certificate, or Associate of Applied Science degree in game development.

Southwestern College in Winfield – Southwestern College in Winfield offers Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Digital Arts program which allows students to place an emphasis on game development, as they learn game/level design, image and sound design, multimedia authoring, and software design.

Situated in Kansas City, students may also take classes for game design and programming at the Art Institutes. Video game design training may also take place online with a variety of Internet-based school curriculum that prepare students to successfully enter the gaming industry. To explore available options, start by browsing the following list of schools:



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