Video Game Design Schools in Iowa

The gaming industry is constantly seeking fresh talent to push the envelope regarding the graphics, quality, and performance of the latest video game titles. Companies often seek out designers who have a degree in video game design, or who have taken a concentration of courses related to animation, graphic design, and interactive 3-D technology. In Iowa, students must choose a major that incorporates related courses for video game design, or pursue online learning options to prepare for a career in the industry.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Iowa

According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), colleges and universities across America will offer nearly 350 programs in game design, development and programming, which include the 301 undergraduate and 42 graduate programs offered during the 2011-12 academic year.However, in Iowa, there are no campus-based programs that target a video game design curriculum. However, after receiving a proper education in the field, game designers in Iowa stand to make an average annual salary of $79,000.

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Obtaining Video Game Designer Training

In order to land a job with one of the gaming giants, an independent digital media firm, or software development company, an ideal candidate has completed some level of video game design training. Since Iowa does not offer a specific degree for video game design in their local colleges and universities, students must rely on taking as many related courses as possible at the school of his or her choice, or consider online learning options.

Video Game Design Schools in Iowa

While the state does not cater to students looking to earn a targeted degree in video game design, a handful of colleges and universities offer degree programs that provide a foundation for required skills.

Loras College in Dubuque – Loras College in Dubuque offers students a chance to earn a Bachelors in Art and Digital Design. The school provides graphic design internship opportunities and courses that include Video, Animation &Sound; Mixed Media & 3D Design; and Interactive Tools & Concepts.

Drake University in Des Moines – Drake University in Des Moines offers a Bachelors in Design and Applied Arts program, while students at Ashford University may earn a Bachelors in Computer Graphics, which teaches the art of animation.

Students do not have to travel outside of Iowa in order to gain an education to pursue a career as a video game designer. There are plenty of online learning opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for entering the gaming industry. To get started, browse the following list of schools for Iowa to get more information on available programs:



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