Video Game Design Schools in Indiana

The winds of technology are constantly changing, and the video game industry steadily answers the call by employing fresh creative minds equipped with the skills to design ‘the next best thing.’ In order to keep up with the latest trends, companies often hire professionals who attend a video game design school, or who have taken related courses in graphic design, 3-D programming, and animation. Students in Indiana may enter programs to earn up to a bachelor’s degree level of study.

Statistics for Video Game Designers in Indiana

The average salary for video game designers in Indiana is $84,000, which accounts for the approximately 14,120 gaming design professionals located in the state. Indiana has seen a 287-percent growth in the field of video game design from 2006 to 2010, where an estimated 10,470 more professionals working in the industry have emerged.

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Obtaining Video Game Designer Training

Before pursuing a job with an independent gaming firm, software development company, or one of the larger names in the industry, such as Electronic Arts, ideal applicants must undergo a certain level of video game designer training. In Indiana, students may earn a bachelor’s degree in the field or take related courses, such as animation and graphic design, to sharpen their skills, gain necessary experience, and obtain the knowledge essential for succeeding in the industry.

Video Game Design Schools in Indiana

Indiana University – Indiana University’s Department of Telecommunication prepares individuals for a position in game design with courses centered on Game Programming. Students may opt for the following programs: BSc, BA/BGA, or Certificate/Diploma. They may also major in Computer Science while taking as many related classes as possible. Many earn a Game Studies Certificate in Telecommunications with a focus on taking video game production courses.

Huntington University – Huntington University offers a degree in Digital Media Arts, which equips students with the necessary animation skills to break into the video game design industry.

ITT Technical Institutes – ITT Technical Institutes in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Newburgh offer an Associate degree program in Computer Software and Media Applications.

Other educational options in Indiana for learning the skills necessary for video game design include:

University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne – University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne offers Bachelor’s in Design and Applied Arts

Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion – Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion offers Bachelor’s in Computer Graphics

Taylor University in Upland – Taylor University in Upland offers Bachelor’s in Design and Applied Arts

Vincennes University in Vincennes – Vincennes University in Vincennes offers an Associate in Design and Applied Arts

Not every student pursuing a video game design certificate or degree has to learn in a classroom setting; there are plenty of opportunities to take courses online. To explore the opportunities offered to students in Indiana, consider the following list of available schools that offer training and programs for aspiring video game designers:



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