Video Game Design Schools in Delaware

Video game design is an excellent industry to work in. Though designing games does involve real work and isn’t all play, it’s still a job that people enjoy, and it pays well. In today’s economy, sometimes just getting a job is tough, but with a good degree in video game design you can gain access to many lucrative potential jobs.

Getting into the video game design industry can seem an intimidating feat at the outset for Delaware residents, where video game design schools are rather scarce. Though you might not have a lot of in-state campuses, there are still many options for getting a degree.

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Staying Local

Hack College lists only one school for video game design in Delaware – Delaware College of Art and Design. Of course, Delaware is a relatively small state, and depending on which part you live in you may have out of state schools a reasonable commute away. The disadvantage of this is that out of state tuition may be more expensive. The advantage is that you’re open to more schools. You can check out The Princeton Review’s list of the the best video game design schools, which lists several nearby, so even if you have to pay more you can at least get a top-quality education for it. Drexel university in nearby Philadelphia, PA isn’t too far, and also isn’t a bad place to move for college students leaving home. Not every state can have a top 15 school for video game design, especially considering Massachusetts hogs three of the top spots, but Drexel is close enough for some people.

Online Options for Staying at Home

If none of these options appeal to you, you can consider going to an online university. This will allow you to stay at home while still getting a degree from an accredited university. These programs frequently cost less than schools with a local campus, especially if you’re paying out of state tuition. Many of the online school are national chains that are well recognized and respected. Full Sail University and DeVry University both offer video game design programs.

What Video Game Designers Do

You don’t want to get into a degree program for video game design and find out it’s not for you. Before you begin any of the above colleges, you should make sure you really want to go into video game design. Talking to the colleges is a good way to get relevant information, and they often have a lot of information to help you get into the right major. Talking to people who actually work as video game designers or in related fields is also a great source of information.

The whole process of creating video games involves a number of different skills. Writers, programmers, engineers, and artists collaborate to create the final product. As a video game designer, you can have either artistic or programming responsibilities. Often special engineers or programmers create some sort of framework that the designers work in. This means the designers’ work will involve some light scripting, but not the ability to create full programs from scratch. Other team members may have more art based responsibilities like graphic design and implementing these designs into the game.

If video game design is the right industry for you, and you’re a Delaware citizen, then you have lots of options. Choosing a school is a major decision, so take the time to do your research and choose wisely. If you are still in high school, you school will provide resources to help you make a good decision about which college to attend. Though it can be expensive, millions of dollars in scholarships and financial aid are offered to college students each year. You challenge is just to find out which of those dollars you qualify for. Adults returning to college have plenty of financial aid options available, too. This will help you get the job you desire, which in turn will lead to a great, well-paying career.



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