Textile Design Programs from Top Colleges & Universities

Textile design has been around for centuries as ancient civilizations and cultures produced woven textiles made from cotton, linen, felt, and even silk. The profession is still alive and well today but thanks to technological advancements, the methods of textile production have evolved dramatically. While paper and pencil are still commonly used to sketch designs and dyeing and printing are still popular methods for creating the designs, most professional textile designers use some form of computer-aided design software to help perfect the patterns and digital printing has made textiles easier and quicker to produce.
For artistically inclined individuals, textile design doesn’t seem too difficult. But in fast-paced and detail-oriented industries like fashion, interior design, and furniture design, textile designers are in high demand and for clothing companies or interior design companies looking to set themselves apart from the competition, finding a truly skilled and creative textile designer is of the utmost importance. The demand for talented and technical textile designers is one of the main reasons why formal textile design degree programs are still popular and Art and Design schools offer nuanced and textile-specific degree programs that help interested students start down the path towards this career.