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What is a Casting Agent?

There’s typically one thing standing between most actors and actresses and their big breaks. Well, other than talent of course. Anyway, that one thing is usually a casting directorA casting director is an entertainment professional that auditions actors and actresses and assigns roles.

Although you might be under the impression that casting directors only work to fill roles in major hollywood motion pictures, you would be wrong. These professionals work to fill roles for television shows, advertisements, radio shows, theater productions, and animated productions.

What Do Casting Directors Do?

As mentioned above, the main role of a casting director is to choose talented actors and actresses that would best suit roles for certain productions.

Casting directors typically consider a number of different factors when choosing the best actors and actresses for certain roles. For instance, a casting director will usually need to consider the most obvious aspects of a character, such as the gender, age, and physical characteristics. Obviously, casting a man in a woman’s role would be inadvisable.

A casting director also reads through each script or job description that he is casting for. This helps him get an idea for the types of roles he needs to fill. It also helps him get a feel for the type of person that would be right for each role. When casting actors and actresses for roles, however, a casting director also takes into account a director’s and producer’s artistic vision for each role.

For certain productions, casting directors might contact well-known actors and actresses – or their agents, in some cases – directly for parts. Other times, casting directors might contact casting agencies or announce open casting calls.

During a casting call, actors and actresses nwill typically audition for a part in front of casting directors or their assistants. If they are auditioning for a motion picture, they will typically be asked by the casting director to read a certain section of the script, for instance. They will also usually be required to state a little bit about themselves, their statistics, and possibly why they would be right for the job. A casting director might also ask an actor or actress to read a script or say a few lines in a certain way or tone.

After contacting agents or organizing casting calls, a casting director will then usually choose the best possible candidates for each role he is trying to fill. The casting agent will then usually call all actors and actresses that they believed would fill each role.

Where Do Casting Directors Work?

Many casting directors work for casting agencies, studios, or production companies. Radio stations and theaters might also hire casting directors as well. Once they gain experience, some casting directors might also choose to open their own casting agencies.

What Are the Education Requirements For a Casting Director Career?

There are technically no strict education requirements for becoming a casting director. If you’re looking to start a casting director career, however, from a degree that is related to the industry in which you wish to work would be very helpful. If you prefer to work in the film industry, a degree in film studies or acting would be a good choice, for instance, while a degree in theater would be a good choice if you wanted to work as a casting director in the theater industry

Degrees in business and communications are also good ways to start casting director careers. An internship with a reputable casting agency or studio is also recommended for starting casting director career. These types of opportunities will enable aspiring casting agents to get the chance to learn from professionals in the field and gain valuable experience.

What is the Average Salary of a Casting Director?

According to, a casting director might make anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per assignment. It really depends on the size of the productions, who’s sponsoring the show, the production company, etc.

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