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Wyoming may be the least populous state in the country, and its post-secondary education options may pale in comparison to larger, more populous states like California and New York. But if you are a student looking for an arts education in a state that believes in the importance of and supports the arts, you could do a lot worse than Wyoming. According to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Wyoming is the No. 4 state in the country when it comes to per capita funding for its state art agencies, appropriating $2.30 per person. There is no denying that Wyoming doesn’t have as many art education options as other states, especially considering The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited just one school in the state. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have reputable arts education degree programs, some of which may even be accessible online.

The one school accredited by the NASADCasper College, offers a fully online associate degree in computer science, and blended associate degree programs in General Art Studies and English and Foreign Literature as well. Also, Sheridan College and Gillette College are two of the state’s community colleges and they offer fully online courses in things like Photoshop, drama, and poetry, among other art-related courses.

Of course, a state as large and sparsely populated as Wyoming is ripe for inclusion of online education and all of the major online art education providers such as DeVry University, Stevens-Henager College, and American InterContinental University all serve interested Wyoming students meaning that even though the state may seem less appealing when it comes to arts education, there are still plenty of options for students to choose from.

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Why take online art classes in Wyoming?

One of the major reasons online learning has become so popular is because it eliminates issues such as transportation. With the classes available online, students in a not very densely populated state such as Wyoming can still maintain lots of options without having to worry about travel or transportation for class.

In addition, while the population may not be large, the arts and creative communities within Wyoming are thriving, and the state’s creative industry offers plenty of opportunities for students to pursue a career in the field after they graduate. According to the Americans’ for the Arts Creative Industries Report, Wyoming was home to 1,363 arts-related businesses that employed 4,443 people as of January 2012. That may not seem like a lot, but the report also points out those businesses make up 2.86 percent of the state’s total businesses and those employees account for 1.41 percent of the state’s total employees. So they clearly are no small part of the state’s economy and business landscape.

Also, the technology used by many online art schools is similar if not the same technology that is used by most art and design businesses, so these online art classes force students to become comfortable with the technology and software, which in turn may give them a decided advantage when it comes to being successful at their job from the outset.

Online Education in Wyoming Overview

Ironically, because of what some consider a lack of traditional education options for Wyoming students, the state became one of the earliest adapters of online education and now offers students a diverse and wide array of online education options to choose from. It is one of the few states that offer full-time virtual school and individual courses statewide, and its Wyoming Switchboard Network provides students with all the information they could ever want about the state’s digital learning opportunities.

This almost wholehearted adoption of online learning has impressed the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, which gave Wyoming some of its highest scores for categories such as personalized learning, quality of choices, and lack of barriers to access. Like so many other states, Wyoming still has a ways to go in terms of quality of content, infrastructure, and quality instruction, but its aggressive implementation of online learning across the state means that online education in the state should improve as policymakers and influencers learn how to make it more effective and efficient.