Online Art Schools in Wisconsin

If one is looking for online art schools in Wisconsin, they might be surprised to learn that despite the state’s size, its breadth of post-secondary education is not all that impressive. The state is home to 84 Title IV degree-granting institutions, six less than the national average, and only 31 of those institutions are public. Of course this doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent online art degree programs in Wisconsin. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited five schools in Wisconsin and four of those schools are part of the University of Wisconsin system. These accredited schools aren’t places where a student can get an excellent online arts education in Wisconsin, there are a number of state-specific and national online education providers for students interested in taking online art classes in Wisconsin.

The University of Wisconsin system offers an incredibly robust set of online degrees, certificates, and classes. Some examples include the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s professional writing and communications graduate certificate, the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s instructional design graduate certificate and the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s undergraduate degree program in communication arts.

Other options include online arts-related courses from Blackhawk Technical College or an associate’s degree in interactive media design from Bryant & Stratton College, which has two campuses in the state.

There are also a number of national online education providers serving Wisconsin students interested in online art degree programs such as the International Academy of Design & Technology Online, DeVry University, and Full Sail University.

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Why take online art classes in Wisconsin?

Online art classes in Wisconsin offer a lot to students, especially those considering starting their career in the state as well. Most art businesses in Wisconsin are likely familiar with local universities and the caliber of graduate they produce, so these art businesses may be more comfortable with a local candidate. And there are plenty of art businesses in Wisconsin to choose from. As of January 2012, Wisconsin had nearly 13,000 arts-related businesses that employ more than 49,500 people with many jobs clustered near Milwaukee and another large percentage right across the border from Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Taking online art classes in Wisconsin provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with these businesses and network with art professionals both at school and in the real world. With so many businesses to choose from and a competitive job market, it is important that students who want to work in Wisconsin’s creative industry grow to understand the industry landscape. And there may not be a better way to do that than to take online art classes in Wisconsin.

Online Education in Wisconsin Overview

Wisconsin has taken a measured approach to statewide online secondary education. They seemingly recognize the importance of offering their students alternative forms of learning, but they also want to make sure students enrolling in virtual school in Wisconsin are held to the same standards as students attending traditional schools. Currently, private school and home school students have access to publicly funded digital education and the state offers full-time virtual school to all grade levels and individual online courses statewide to everyone except elementary school students. The state also requires its virtual school students to pass a unique standardized assessment to prove their proficiency and has a process in place to approve full-time virtual schools and individual online course providers, ensuring that Wisconsin’s virtual education options will be regulated.

The 2011 state report card put together by the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, does point out that Wisconsin still lacks funding and infrastructure and has done little to improve the quality of content and instruction. But it also gives the state high marks for its student access, lack of barriers to access, personalized learning environment, and quality of choices, making Wisconsin one of the leaders in statewide secondary education adoption.