Online Art Schools in Virginia

According to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, the unofficial headcount of students enrolled in four-year public institutions in the state was 257,164, and that’s not even including the students enrolled at private institutions or other forms of higher education.

All of those students need a wide variety of universities to choose from, and Virginia has done an excellent job of providing its students with options, including aspiring art students looking for art schools. Virginia has 129 Title IV degree-granting institutions operating within the state. And the National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited six of those schools, and those aren’t the only options for students interested in pursuing an art education. Some of these options are even offered online.

George Mason University offers a master’s degree in computer science online and intrastate neighbor Old Dominion University offers a bachelor’s degree in the same subject as well as a doctorate in instructional design and technology. Also, schools like Virginia Tech offer graduate certificates in liberal arts and software development, while schools like Virginia Commonwealth University offers an online adult literacy certification program that is writing-intensive.

Of course Virginia, which is home to K12, one of the largest online education providers in the country, also has plenty of students being served by the country’s largest online art education providers. The Art Institutes maintains a campus presence in Arlington as well as offering online degrees, and the Stratford Career Institute and Penn Foster Schools are two more of the larger online education providers offering Virginia students design and art degrees.

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Why take online art classes in Virginia?

Virginia is a popular state to live in, and thanks to metropolitan areas like Richmond and Fairfax country is why 75 percent of Virginia’s citizens live in what the U.S. Census Bureau calls urban areas. But the 25 percent of the state population that still lives in rural areas would like to have the same education options as their urban neighbors, and online education evens the playing field, allowing for students in rural areas to still get the education they might want, while eliminating geographical concerns.

The state also has plenty of potential opportunities for recent graduates looking to stay in Virginia and pursue a career in art or design. The Americans for the Arts’ Creative Industries’ report said Virginia had 21, 028 art businesses that employed 76,012 people in 2012, and that doesn’t account for all the artists making a living in the state. Students who are from Virginia, and want to pursue an art education in the state, may be at an advantage when it comes to looking for jobs in the state, especially since they will be familiar with the area and ostensibly have worked in the creative industries before.

Online Education in Virginia Overview

Virginia is a state on the forefront of the movement towards online education. They do not yet offer individual online courses to middle school or elementary school, but they do offer a full-time virtual school to all grades statewide and will fund up to full-time enrollment without shelling out for additional courses. It is clear that lawmakers are wary of online education, but understand its importance in an expanding education sector. The national digital learning campaign, Digital Learning Now gave Virginia excellent scores for its quality of choices, lack of barriers to access, and commitment to personalized learning. But also noted the state still has a ways to go when it comes to defining advancement and accountability, and finding funding and infrastructure. Nonetheless, it is a good start.