Online Art Schools in Vermont

Vermont may be one of the smallest states in the country in terms of land mass, but that doesn’t mean it can’t offer students interested in attending online art schools a number of worthwhile post-secondary options to check into. The state has 24 total Title IV degree-granting institutions within its borders, including six state universities and a number of them offer online courses and online degrees. The state has also always been considered a supporter of the arts and its beautiful scenery and foliage have served as inspiration for many an artist. It is nineteenth in the country in terms of money per person appropriated to the state arts commission and although the National Association of Schools of Art and Design hasn’t accredited any institutions in Vermont, that doesn’t mean online arts-related options don’t exist.

The University of Vermont offers online computer science and writing courses and the Community College of Vermont offers a wide variety of arts-related online courses in subjects such as music and art history. There is also Johnson State College which offers an online liberal arts degree or Champlain College which offers online degrees in software development and web design.

National online arts education providers serving Vermont students include the Academy of Art UniversityECPI University, Virginia College and Kaplan College

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Why take online art classes in Vermont?

As mentioned earlier, those who know Vermont know that it has been a haven for artists for decades and its dedicated state art council understands the importance of its advocacy and lobbying efforts. The state also has a thriving creative industry that offers many options to online art school graduates who choose to stay in the state or even those from out of state.

The state has 2,571 arts-related businesses that employ nearly 8,000 people across the state as of January 2012. This is important because students who graduate from online art schools in Vermont may have a slight advantage when it comes to applying to local jobs where the employers recognize and have experience with graduates of local schools.

Vermont is also a rather rural state so online arts options offer students the opportunity to choose whichever program they think fits them best without having to worry about transportation issues, asynchronous class schedules, and geographical constraints.

Online Education in Vermont Overview

Frankly, Vermont’s education policies aren’t very friendly towards online education in general. State law doesn’t authorize charter schools, it doesn’t offer full-time enrollment in any virtual schools, and it only offers individual online courses to students in middle school and above. In addition, the state is only just now getting around to allowing for rolling enrollment in individual online courses.

It’s no wonder that the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, gave the state such low scores across the board. As long as infrastructure, funding, and quality choices remain nearly non-existent, online learning doesn’t stand much of a chance of blossoming in Vermont. That said there are still a number of worthy post-secondary online options, including but not limited to those mentioned above.