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Utah was always an early leader in the move to distance education and online learning, so it makes sense that aspiring art students and art professionals who are interested in an online arts education in Utah would find a number of appealing post-secondary options. Utah is also a state that is supportive of its arts. It may flight somewhat under the radar but Salt Lake City has a thriving art community and the state ranks No. 12 in the country in terms of dollars per person appropriated to the state arts governing bodies.

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredited just three schools in Utah but all three of them offer online degrees or classes. Brigham Young University offers online degrees in web design through its Idaho campus to students with previous credits at one of the university’s locations, and its main campus in offers an Adult Diploma program with courses in fine arts and writing, as well as online classes for its students. Southern Utah University offers a variety of arts-related online courses, a Master’s degree in communications, and as of 2012, was nearly finished with a bachelor’s degree program in the same subject. Weber State University offers a variety of arts-related classes as well and an associate degree in computer science. And those are only three, there are a number of other community colleges and institutions of higher learning that offer online arts courses, degrees, and certificates, so do the research.

There are also a large number of major online and campus-based arts education providers in Utah. Provo College in Provo and American Fork and Eagle Gate College in Salt Lake City and Layton are two of the Utah-specific campus-based options. There are also the regular players in the online world such as DeVry University, University of Phoenix, and Fortis Institute.

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Why take online art classes in Utah?

In the minds of many aspiring artists, Utah may never be California and Salt Lake City may never be Los Angeles, but for those with open minds willing to give the state a shot when it comes to the arts, they might be surprised to find such a diverse and thriving creative community. As of January 2012, the state had 8,739 arts-related businesses employing almost 30,000 people according to the Americans for the Arts. Those businesses make up nearly five percent of Utah’s total businesses and the majority of those businesses are clustered around the capital in Salt Lake City.

Utah’s economy has continued to perform well despite the country’s recession thanks in part to low taxes, so students who graduate from art schools in Utah may want to consider remaining in state. And those who do stay in state may have advantage in the job search over those who attended school elsewhere because local businesses may be more comfortable with the local schools and their past experiences with graduates from those schools.

In addition, Utah is a rather rural state outside of Salt Lake City, and online arts courses means interested students won’t be prevented from enrolling in the program of their choice because of distance or geographical factors, which is a big deal to some.

Online Education in Utah Overview

As we mentioned earlier, Utah is one of the country’s earliest adopters of online education, and it is also one of the country’s most innovative and receptive states when it comes to online learning as well. Not only does Utah offer full-time online enrollment and individual online courses for high school students, but private school students also have access to publicly-funded digital education and home school students will have the same access for the 2013-14 school year.