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With 252 Title IV degree-granting institutions according to the National Center for Education Statistics, Texas may not have quite the breadth of options that states like California and New York have. But, considering 108 of those institutions are publicly funded, few states in the country have as diverse a set of options as Texas. The Lone Star State also happens to be one of the most culturally diverse states in the country, which should be music to your ears if you are an art enthusiast and considering art school.

While only 15.3 percent of Texas’ population lives in “rural areas” as defined by the latest US Census in 2010, Texas is easily one of the largest states in the country when it comes to land mass, so the population is spread out. If locality is an issue, it might be worthwhile to consider an online art school like the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, which offers online degree options in subjects like graphic design and also has plenty of campus locations around the state.

The more traditional universities are dabbling in online learning as well. The University of Texas-Austin offers self-paced writing courses but doesn’t grant degrees, and Texas Tech in Lubbock is just one of a number of state institutions that has begun offering online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in subjects like architecture and art education.

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Online Education in Texas Overview

The Digital Learning Now campaign has been rating each state from 1-10 on a number of criteria such as quality choices in the state, quality of material, infrastructure and funding. For Texas, the grades are a bit of a mixed bag. The state lacks infrastructure and quality materials but makes up for it with high marks in number of quality choices and quality instruction.

While this information may not help you pick an online art school, it should give you an idea of how seriously Texas is taking the adoption of online learning. While the state may be lagging behind in some areas, they have broken down barriers to access and has generally taken to online learning relatively well given its scope within the state.

Why take online art classes in Texas?

Culture and art are usually attached at the hip, which is good because Texas has one of the most rich, diverse, and interesting cultures. Its proximity to Mexico means the state’s artistic heritage is heavily influenced by Mexican culture, and the result is one of the most vibrant art cultures anywhere.

Cities like Austin and Dallas and San Antonio and Houston all have thriving artistic communities that are excellent stomping grounds for an art student, even an online one. Online art school allows you to have the flexibility of choosing your program without too much consideration for financial and geographical factors. It also offers hands-on experience using the latest software for design or photography or website construction.