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Just because Oregon is set to rank 35th in the country when it comes to per capita funding for its state art agencies, doesn’t mean that the Beaver State doesn’t care about the arts. In fact, the state cares deeply about the arts and arts education, as evidenced by its myriad of art education options – both online and campus-based – that serve students from around the country. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited three schools in Oregon and those are hardly the only options for a reputable arts education, especially when it comes to online arts education.
In addition to the usual online art education suspects such as DeVry University, Academy of Art University, and The Art Institutes, some of which have campus locations in the major metropolitan areas as well, Oregon has a plethora of state-specific online art education options for students to browse. The University of Oregon doesn’t yet offer any undergraduate online degrees, but it does offer fully online classes in writing, art literacy, and art history. Meanwhile, university system sibling Portland State University offers a master’s degree in educational media/librarianship and a certificate in reading comprehension and literacy education.

These are hardly the only schools and programs that offer online art degrees and classes in the state of the Oregon, so before you write the state off for its relative lack of funding for state arts agencies, make sure to check out all of the respected online art education options the state has to offer.

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Why take online art classes in Oregon?

Oregon may be one of the most beautiful states in the entire country and its assorted forests and lakes and rivers may make great inspiration for aspiring artists in the area. But it’s also a very large state when it comes to land mass, and thus is one of the least densely populated states with just under 40 people per square mile, according to the latest U.S. Census data. Online art schools and options are potentially an excellent opportunity for students in rural areas who don’t want to have their choices handicapped by distance or transportation.

Also, Oregon has a thriving and active arts community, especially in a major city like Portland where you can find a diverse array of arts-related jobs, museums and organizations that are beneficial for aspiring artists.

Online Education in Oregon Overview

Although it has hardly become a household industry in Oregon, online education has been receiving more attention from state policymakers in recent years. The national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, lauded Oregon’s legislature for its recent decision to remove restrictions on virtual charter schools and also gave the state high marks for ease of student access to online learning, quality of instruction and quality of choices. Of course, just like so many other states, the campaign also gave the state low scores for its current infrastructure and funding, and also made note of Oregon’s need to improve quality online content and accountability and assessment.

In summary, Oregon is right there with a great deal of other states when it comes to online education. The bad news is that the state hasn’t fully committed to developing effective infrastructure and accountability measures that will be necessary for online education to thrive. The good news is that state legislators and policymakers recognize the importance of an alternative learning option for students and have begun to take steps to make it a reality across their state.