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No one should envy the job of the University System of Ohio, as they are responsible for overseeing the education system of one of the Midwest’s most populous states. Ohio has  544,217 students enrolled in the University System of Ohio, a growing demand for higher education, and a dwindling amount of fiscal resources to spend on higher education, according to data gathered by Policy Matters Ohio. These issues have forced Ohio to rethink their long-term plan for the state’s higher education, and one of the strategies currently being implemented around the state is online education, which includes a more diverse set of options for students interested in online art school.

Some of the oldest and most reputable online art schools in Ohio actually have campus locations across the state as well. DeVry University has a campus presence in Columbus but also offers online degrees in graphic design, as does The Art Institutes, which has a location in Cincinnati and one in Novi as well.

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredited 17 schools in the state, including big public research institutions like Kent State which offers entirely online degrees in music education and public relations. Unfortunately most of the schools have not yet adapted full-time online education technology, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any options that might fit what you are looking for.

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Why take online art classes in Ohio?

Given the recent and well-publicized fiscal shortcomings when it comes to higher education in Ohio, it is entirely possible, although not guaranteed, that these online art schools can offer the same resources as most of the best art schools across the state. The technology at the online art schools will be mostly the same technology and software students will use in the real world, so they can’t help but get comfortable with it, and their flexible class schedule means rural art lovers can experience the same education without needing to jump through hoops.

In addition, Ohio has a number of thriving urban art communities, especially in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati that offer young art students a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the local art community and make a name for themselves.

Online Education in Ohio Overview

Online education proponents are watching Ohio closely as the state has become one of the pioneers in state-backed digital learning initiatives. The dearth of fiscal support has created a need for cost-effective and flexible online learning programs to make up for some of the issues. In fact, the state legislation created a task force recently in order to find ways to expand digital learning in the state.

The national campaign Digital Learning Now gave Ohio high marks in some areas such as the quality of choices and the lack of barriers to access, but the campaign also noted that Ohio has almost zero infrastructure set up to support the initiative and the schools in place are still working to become more effective and help students advance.

The good news is that Ohio legislators and policymakers seem genuinely committed to growing online learning throughout the state. Now the state just needs to find a realistic and effective way to create, support, and maintain online schools, and Ohio could be an incredible place for online education.