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It should come as no surprise that in the 2011-12 school year, New York, as one of the most populous states in the country, reported 933,726 students enrolled in full-time, degree-credit institutions of higher learning according to the state’s department of education.   Given its population and the size of its education system, it should come as no surprise that New York is home to a number of excellent online art schools as well.

The state’s art and education hub is obviously New York City, where online art schooling options are plentiful and never very far away. That doesn’t mean New York’s more rural students are out of luck however, usual suspects such as Stratford Career Insitute, University of Phoenix, Penn Foster Schools and Full Sail University all have strong presences across the state and offer a myriad of online options including photography, graphic design, and computer animation. But other institutions have started to adopt online learning programs as well.

The State Universities of New York Learning Network has a vast repository of online art degrees available at a number of their schools such as Empire State College, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Canton, and even Stony Brook University.

Some of the state’s more prestigious art schools such as Parsons The New School of Design have begun to offer online degrees in subjects like fashion marketing and graphic design. Others, such as Fashion Institute of Technology, still require their students to attend class in-person but have made it clear they will be exploring whether online art degrees make sense for them in the near future.

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Online Education in New York Overview

New York has 304 total Title IV degree-granting programs and awarded 278,760 degrees or certificates in 2010-2011 according to data from National Center for Education Statistics, making it one of the country’s largest states in terms of universities and student enrollment. However, New York, like so many other states, was not immune to the budget cuts that negatively impacted the state’s educational facilities and systems.

According to Digital Learning Now!, New York is not only one of the states that has adopted Common Core State Standards to make digital content and its providers more accountable, but it has also made a number of additions to state law that are designed to help facilitate online learning for both the students and the providers.

No one is going to mistake the state for one of the pioneers in digital learning, but the policymakers in New York have recognized the importance of online school and are taking the appropriate steps to regulate it and make it more effective for the students.

Why take online art classes in New York?

New York is considered one of the best cities in not just the country but the world for artists and the arts, and the state’s rich and proud tradition in the arts make it a destination for students looking to get a start on their art career. These students come from all different types of backgrounds and some of them – whether it is because of cost, transportation issues, or learning style concerns – aren’t suited for art school in the traditional sense. Some of them may prefer a more cost-effective, individualized learning model, like online art school.

The obvious benefits of an online art degree are that obtaining the degree is likely cheaper than it would be if you had gone to a traditional art school, and there is also a lot of added flexibility that allows international or rural students to attend some of the best art schools in the country without having to worry about transportation.

But the best part about online art school is that these schools almost universally use the latest in computer-aided design and photography software. This is software that you will likely spend a lot of time using in the real world and in an online art school, you almost can’t help but become comfortable with the tools, potentially giving you a leg up on the competition when it comes time to find a job.

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