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It may not seem like it to those uninitiated with The Land of Enchantment, but New Mexico is a state that cares deeply and passionately about the arts. For such a sparsely populated state, it is shouldn’t be surprising to see that the National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited just one art schoolThe Institute of American Indian Arts, which does offer online classes in indigenous studies — in the state, especially considering there are just 44 total Title IV degree-granting institutions in New Mexico but that doesn’t mean that when it comes to online art schools and online art education options, New Mexico doesn’t have a litany of schools and programs to choose from. Community colleges such as Central New Mexico Community College and Luna Community College offer a number of fully online and hybrid introductory art classes. New Mexico State University offers an online master’s degree in music education and art-specific school Santa Fe University of Art and Design offers four certificates through distance learning as well.

Of course most of the nation’s biggest online art education providers also maintain a strong presence in New Mexico and serve a notable percentage of its population. Schools like Ashworth College, ITT Tech, and Full Sail University all cater to New Mexico students with a wide array of online art classes and online art degree programs, making New Mexico an excellent choice for online art education.

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Why take online art classes in New Mexico?

Well for starters, New Mexico is one of the least densely populated states in the country with just 17 people per square mile according to the latest data from the 2010 U.S. Census. So online art classes would allow interested students in rural areas to choose the program that they like best without having to worry about transportation obstacles. Also, according to the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, New Mexico is forecasted to rank among the nation’s top 25 states when it comes to per capita funding for state arts agencies in 2013, proving that the rural state cares about its arts and its arts education. Major cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe have some of the largest and most active arts-related communities in the country and the state’s rich cultural history make it a veritable font of diverse and excellent artwork.

Online Education in New Mexico Overview

For New Mexico, online education is still a relatively new idea and the infrastructure needed to make online education effective is still in its infancy, but so far, the online education that has been implemented, has worked well. Enrollment is rapidly on the rise and in the state’s capital of Albuquerque, the public school system had more than 1,500 students enrolled in about 2,280 supplemental online courses as of April 2012.

The state still has a long way to go however before they can even think about resting on their laurels. The national campaign, Digital Learning Now, lauded the state for its supplemental and credit recovery courses that are helping students graduate, but recognized New Mexico’s drastic shortcomings in infrastructure, funding, and quality content. It did give the state passing grades for its commitment to personalized learning and quality instruction. Basically New Mexico is in the same boat as many other states in that they recognize the need for online learning, they just haven’t quite built out an effective infrastructure yet.