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Despite Nevada’s large geographical footprint, the state’s lack of population means that when it comes to post-secondary education options, Nevada lags behind other states its size. Nevada has just 25 Title IV degree-granting institutions within its borders according to the National Center for Education Statistics but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer excellent choices, including a number of institutions with strong arts education programs. While the state may have just one institution – University of Nevada Las Vegas — accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, there are a number of arts education degree programs offered throughout the state, including a handful that are offered completely online.

UNLV offers a variety of online art courses in subjects like dance, computer science, and film and the University of Nevada Reno offers a variety of online arts-related courses as well.  There are also a number of state community colleges that offer online degree programs and classes like the College of Southern Nevada, which offers an associate of arts degree with a communication emphasis and a number of online arts-related courses.

Of course there are also plenty of national online and campus-based arts education providers serving Nevada students. DeVry University, the Art Institutes, and the International Academy of Design and Technology all have campuses in Henderson, and the University of Phoenix, Stratford Career Institute, and Penn Foster Schools provide fully online art classes and degree programs.

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Why take online art classes in Nevada?

Nevada may have a lot of open and empty space, but it also has two cities – Las Vegas and Reno – that host some of the most vibrant arts communities in the country. Those cities offering everything from music to theatre and students who graduate from local online art schools in Nevada may be more familiar with the job landscape in those cities. Taking online art classes also offers the opportunity to network and relationship-build with like-minded students and professionals in the state. These networking opportunities and chances to get to know potential employers may give a leg up to recent graduates of online art schools when they look to start a career in the state’s creative industry. And the state’s creative industry has plenty of options for these students. As of January 2012, Nevada had nearly 7,000 arts-related businesses employing more than 28,000 people, with the majority located around Reno or Las Vegas. Those businesses offer diverse and wide-ranging opportunities for recent graduates of traditional or online art schools in Nevada that are looking to stay local to begin their careers.

Online Education in Nevada Overview

Nevada is on the verge of becoming a national leader in statewide online education at the high school level and below. They already offer more student access than nearly every other state in the country, but progressing even further will depend on how much funding and infrastructure Nevada is able to find for the venture. Currently the state offers full-time virtual enrollment but not individual statewide online classes to students of all grade levels. The state’s largest school district has what the national campaign for online education, Digital Learning Now, called “a robust offering of individual online courses” and the state pays if private school students wish to take these classes as well.

The campaign also gave Nevada high scores on the report card it put together for each state. The state scored well in the student access, quality choices, and student eligibility categories while scoring poorly in the funding, infrastructure and advancement categories. Keep in mind these scores are only for statewide secondary learning, the state offers more post-secondary online education options so make sure you do your research before making any choice.