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A state as large as Nebraska would figure to be brimming with post-secondary education options. But the reality is that Nebraska has less than half the average number of Title IV degree-granting institutions within its border. But, just because the options aren’t as plentiful, doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of excellent education options among the 43 degree-granting institutions the state does have, and that includes art education options. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited three schools in the state and there are a number of other fine art education options available, including online art degree programs and classes.

The University of Nebraska, Lincoln offers online master’s degrees in interior design and integrated media communications. The University of Nebraska at Omaha offers an online master’s degree in creative writing, and Wayne State University offers a graduate certificate in communication and new media. And these are just a trio of the state-specific online arts degree programs and classes available so be thorough in the research before you make a choice.

There are also national online art education providers such as Penn Foster Schools, Full Sail University, and DeVry University who serve Nebraska students as well.

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Why take online art classes in Nebraska?

Omaha is one of the underrated art gems in the Midwest and the state’s creative industry is sizable and offers a number of opportunities to recent graduates of online art schools. As of January 2012, the state had more than 4,300 arts-related businesses that employ more than 18,500 people within its borders. Online art classes in Nebraska are an excellent way to begin to understand the local job landscape.

They allow you to learn around like-minded people and also network with professionals and potential employers in the area of your career interests. Plus, all of those businesses are likely familiar with local universities and their graduates so a graduate of a local online art school may have a leg up when it comes to the initial job search.

Online Education in Nebraska Overview

While many states have decided to jump headlong into the adoption of statewide online education at the high school level and below, Nebraska is at the other end of the spectrum. One look at the report card put together by the national campaign for online education, Digital Learning Now, and you will see that Nebraska is still a barren environment when it comes to online education. Low scores in quality choices, advancement, funding, infrastructure, and quality instruction make Nebraska a tough place for online education to thrive.

The state does offer individual online courses to students of all levels, but there are no options for full-time virtual school, the state doesn’t authorize charter schools, and it still hasn’t put together a process for approving digital learning providers. Frankly speaking, Nebraska has a long way to go before online education in the state can succeed.