Online Art Schools in Montana

It should be no surprise that Montana – with just 23 total Title IV degree-granting institutions – offers a smaller range of post-secondary education options for students. But that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t offer quality education choices, including art education choices. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited two schools in the state, and there are more schools that offer excellent arts education. Some of those schools have even begun to offer a number of online art degree programs and classes.

At the University of Montana, students can minor online in communication studies or they can get an online master’s degree in music education. At Montana State, Billings you can earn a master’s degree in public relations online or a bachelor’s degree in communications as well. Great Falls College has an online associate of arts program and so does Flathead Valley Community College. Those are only some of the state-specific options so be sure to do the research on all of them before choosing.

There are also national online art education providers such as International Academy of Design & Technology or The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, who serve Montana students as well.

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Why take online art classes in Montana?

Online art classes in Montana are not only an excellent way to make connections with like-minded people and network with potential employers in the state; they are also a way for interested students to pick the program they prefer no matter the distance or geographical obstacles. A large, rural state like Montana can present many distance issues that are rendered moot by online, self-paced art degree programs.

And for those who do choose to stay in-state to start their career, there is a bustling and diverse arts and creative community that offers any number of opportunities to a recent graduate of online art school in Montana. As of January 2012, the state had more than 3,000 arts-related businesses employing nearly 9,700 people within its borders. That represents a lot of opportunity, especially for local graduates who may be more familiar with the employment landscape.

Online Education in Montana Overview

As one of the more wide open and less populous states in the country, Montana seems like the perfect place for online education to flourish. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints and state law, Montana doesn’t offer as many statewide virtual school options at the high school level and below. The state doesn’t allow charter schools, still doesn’t offer full-time virtual enrollment to any students at the secondary level, and doesn’t even offer elementary school students the chance to take individual online courses.

The state’s report card, scored by the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, doesn’t look kindly upon Montana. With no infrastructure, many barriers to access, and little quality instruction or content, online education is still in its infancy in Montana. Whether it grows will depend on whether Montana is willing to come around to the idea and begin to allow more digital learning providers to serve its students.