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Tucked away beneath Illinois, people tend to forget that Missouri is actually one of the larger states in the country and thus has a wide array of post-secondary education options available. The national average for Title IV degree-granting institutions is 90 but Missouri boasts 138 of those institutions including more than 30 public universities and colleges to choose from. With such a large selection of schools to choose from it should be no surprise aspiring art students can often find a school that fits their needs in the state. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited seven schools in the state, and those aren’t the only options. There are even some schools that have begun to offer online art degree programs and classes as an alternative.

The University of Saint Louis offers students an online communications certificate and the University of Central Missouri offers a master’s degree in same subject. There is also the University of Missouri, which offers a slew of online graduate degrees in subjects including journalism, arts education, and media management, although some of those programs require on-site attendance. Or consider Missouri State, which offers a bachelor’s degree in communications that is more than 50 percent online and a computer information technology degree with the same stipulations.

If none of those are appealing, there are other national online art education providers such as Full Sail University, American InterContinental University, and the Academy of Art University, who serve Mississippi students with a myriad of online arts-related degree programs and classes.

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Why take online art classes in Missouri?

A large state with so many post-secondary arts education options, Missouri is an excellent opportunity for students interested in online art schools to consider any school they want, without being restricted by geography or travel. Online art classes in Missouri make it so students can choose their program without worrying about distance. They are also an excellent opportunity to learn about the state creative industry, network with like-minded students and professionals, and even introduce yourself and work with potential future employers.

In addition, there are few states with as large and diverse a creative industry as Missouri. As of January 2012, the state had nearly 15,000 arts-related businesses employing more 56,000 people within its borders. Those businesses all represent opportunities for recent online art school graduates, especially ones who are already familiar with the job landscape in the state.

Online Education in Missouri Overview

Missouri is one of the states that has jumped headfirst into the world of statewide online education at the high school level and below. The unfortunate reality in Mississippi is that when it comes to statewide online education as a high level and below, Mississippi is near the bottom in terms of what it has to offer. Only high school students have access to individual online courses and no one has the opportunity for full-time virtual schooling as of now. In addition, the state has only one approved virtual education provider, leaving its students without a lot of choices if they wish to pursue an alternative form of education.

Like so many other states, Mississippi’s budget shortcomings have the potential to affect the education system, and so online education is a secondary priority at the moment and that is reflected in the state’s report card put together by the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now. The campaign gave the state low scores in funding, infrastructure, barriers to access, and quality choices and didn’t really give the state a high score in any category.