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While Mississippi may not have the same vast selection of post-secondary education options that some of its neighbors do, it counters that small disadvantage by having 24 out of 40 Title IV degree-granting institutions be public schools, which may make education for some more cost-effective. It also offers a tremendous number of options for students looking at traditional or online art schools in Mississippi. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited eight schools in the state, and there are more reputable arts education options available as well. The recent trend is towards online education as an alternative and Mississippi offers a number of online art degree programs and classes to students looking for a different style of learning.

The University of Mississippi has a whole catalog of online courses available; including online arts classes in design and computer science and Mississippi State has the same type of catalog with slightly different course offerings. The University of Southern Mississippi has an online master’s degree offering in music education and Belhaven University offers an associate of arts degree. Other four-year and community colleges offer online art degree programs as well so be thorough in your research.

If none of those are appealing, there are other national online art education providers such as Full Sail University, American InterContinental University, the Academy of Art University, or University of Phoenix, who serve Mississippi students with a myriad of online arts-related degree programs and classes.

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Why take online art classes in Mississippi?

It is true that when compared to other states across the country, Mississippi’s creative industry isn’t as large or as expansive, but that doesn’t mean those looking for creative careers in Mississippi don’t have options. As of January 2012, Mississippi had almost 5,000 arts-related businesses that employed nearly 16,000 people, and those businesses were pretty evenly distributed across the state.

Attending an online art school in Mississippi will help students make connections and network with like-minded individuals or even potential employers across the state. Given the likely competition for those jobs, it may behoove those interested in starting a creative career in Mississippi to consider taking their online arts classes in state so they can have better access to these connections and networks when it comes time to look for a job.

Online Education in Mississippi Overview

The unfortunate reality in Mississippi is that when it comes to statewide online education at a high school level and below, Mississippi is near the bottom in terms of what it has to offer. Only high school students have access to individual online courses and no one has the opportunity for full-time virtual schooling as of now. In addition, the state has only one approved virtual education provider, leaving its students without a lot of choices if they wish to pursue an alternative form of education.

Like so many other states, Mississippi’s budget shortcomings have the potential to affect the education system, and so online education is a secondary priority at the moment and that is reflected in the state’s report card put together by the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now. The campaign gave the state low scores in funding, infrastructure, barriers to access, and quality choices and didn’t really give the state a high score in any category.