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According to the Presidents Council, Michigan’s non-profit higher education association, the state of Michigan has 15 public institutions and approximately 303,000 students enrolled across the system. Or in other words, the Wolverine State has a lot of universities and students to look after, and diminishing resources with which to look after them. They also care about their arts education in Michigan and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design lists 11 accredited institutions in the state – including the state’s flagship university, the University of Michigan.

It should come as no surprise that a state serving as many students of Michigan also has a strong presence from most of the biggest online art education providers. In addition to campus locations for schools like The Art Institutes and Global Information Technology, online schools like Ashworth College and Full Sail University cater to a sizable portion of Michigan students and offer online degrees in subjects like photography and graphic design.

As for the state-specific art schools, Michigan has a good amount of reputable choices for you to pick from. The widely recognized Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University offers a mostly online MBA certificate in design and innovation management, although a few on-campus classes are required and other niche art schools are expected to follow suit shortly. Meanwhile, public institutions like the University of Michigan-Flint offer online classes in visual art and graphic design, although not all the state universities have online classes or degrees in art-related subjects.

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Why take online art classes in Michigan?

As 2010 Census data showed, Michigan’s urban population has been slowly decreasing and its rural population is on the rise. While Michigan is far from the least populous states, online art school and online art classes means students without transportation will still be offered the same opportunities and options that any other student would receive.

Michigan also has a flourishing art community and has a rich cultural history when it comes to the arts (Birthplace of Motown anyone?) and they also have plenty of career opportunities for artists as well. Americans for the Arts found that Michigan’s creative sector has been growing with an 11 percent increase in arts-related jobs and a 15 percent increase in arts-related businesses in 2012. Taking online art classes in Michigan may give you a leg up if you are interested in staying in-state to pursue your career.

Online Education in Michigan Overview

Michigan is considered one of the first states to truly adopt full-time learning as an alternative form of education. According to the national campaign Digital Learning Now, the state was one of the first states to require high school students to have an “online learning experience” to earn a diploma, their state virtual school is among the nation’s largest, and the state isn’t done either, hoping to pass legislation that would lead to an expansion in virtual learning options. All of that said, virtual learning in Michigan still has a long way to go before policymakers and online education proponents can rest on their laurels.

The state’s report card from Digital Learning Now is a bit of a mixed bag. The campaign gives Michigan high marks for its commitment to personalized learning and the barriers to access it has already knocked down, but it also knocks the state for its lack of infrastructure, funding, accountability, and quality content. This is common as most states start to test and experiment with the different types of online learning, and it should be considered a good sign that Michigan has already shown dedication towards creating effective statewide virtual learning.