Online Art Schools in Maine

The Northeast has a reputation as a great place to look for post-secondary education options and Maine is no exception. The state may be small, but it also had 32 Title IV degree-granting institutions and numerous and diverse opportunities for students, including art students. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredited just two schools in the state but those aren’t the only places to get an excellent arts education. Some schools have even begun to offer online art degree programs and online art classes.

The University of Southern Maine is one of the NASAD-accredited schools and it offers a bachelor’s degree in communications. Not to be outdone, the University of Maine offers a graduate certificate in innovative communication design and Central Maine Community College offers many online arts courses. They aren’t even the only state-specific online arts degree programs and classes available, so be thorough in your research.

Of course there are also plenty of national online education providers serving Maine students. American InterContinental University, Stratford Career Institute, and The Art Institutes Online are just a handful of the providers offering online arts degrees to Maine students.

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Why take online art classes in Maine?

One of the country’s smallest states in terms of population, Maine still has plenty of creative folks and thriving local arts community. The state’s small population may actually serve as an advantage to graduates of online art schools in Maine because the networking and relationship-building from school can be an advantage is a close-knit art community.

And it’s not like the state is a barren wasteland artists, in fact they have a diverse range of arts-related businesses, primarily clustered in the southern half of the state. In fact, as of January 2012, Maine had nearly 4,000 arts-related businesses that were employing almost 12,200 people. These businesses know the local universities and their graduates, so taking online art classes in Maine may give a leg up to graduates looking to stay local.

Online Education in Maine Overview

While there is little doubt that Maine cares deeply about its education, a potential 8.2 percent cut in federal education funding could force Maine to lose $17.5 million for the 2013-14 school year. With money tight as it is, the state just doesn’t have the necessary resources to seriously commit to online education. Maine offers individual online courses statewide and is in the process of approving full-time virtual schools for all grade levels, but for now, the state has other educational concerns.

The Maine report card, done by the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, showed that the state has little infrastructure and even less funding available for virtual education. And while the state does offer quality choices and personalized learning, until it can commit more resources, virtual education is stuck in neutral.