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For many art enthusiasts, Louisiana and its cultural hub of New Orleans are a must-visit destination for its music, flavor, and diverse set of cultures. If some art enthusiasts turn out to be aspiring art students, Louisiana is potentially a good place to look as well. The state has nine schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and a number of other community colleges and institutions offering art degrees and classes, even some online.

Delgado Community College in New Orleans is one art-forward school that offers online courses in design basics, website design, and writing. Louisiana State University offers few online courses, but they do include a course on drama, English composition, and technical writing. Another institution with a renowned art program, Northwestern State University, offers an online master’s degree in art for advanced students who qualify.

Don’t forget about all the online art education providers who also serve Louisiana students. Online schools such as Fortis InstituteAshworth College, and Full Sail University offer online degrees in subjects like graphic design and website design.

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Why take online art classes in Louisiana?

Louisiana is probably ahead of the curve when it comes to openly embracing online education. The state will fund full-time enrollment and offers full-time enrollment in virtual schools statewide. They opened new online charter schools in 2011 and have a statewide process for approving digital learning providers going forward.

The national campaign for digital learning, Digital Learning Now, did knock Louisiana in its report card for infrastructure, funding and advancement. But it also gave the state high marks for quality of choices, barriers to access, and personalized learning. Louisiana isn’t done tweaking its accountability process and funding process for digital learning, but its commitment to allowing students an alternative bodes well for online education’s future in the Bayou State.

Online Education in Louisiana Overview

Louisiana is a spread out state, with people scattered from Shreveport to New Orleans, which includes aspiring art students. These students shouldn’t need to worry about geographic restrictions affect their choice of art school, and that’s why online art school and online art classes are so great, because they make distance and geography irrelevant.

The state of Louisiana is also home to a bustling art community that spans the state. The state has more than 11,000 arts-related businesses according Americans For The Arts and those businesses employ more than 34,000 people, which doesn’t even account for all the other artists making a living in New Orleans or Monroe or Baton Rouge or Shreveport. Louisiana is a unique and diverse state, which make it an excellent spot for any aspiring art student looking to further their career.