Online Art Schools in Kansas

Kansas cares about its education and it cares about the arts, thus, arts education is a very big part of the state’s education system and many post-secondary institutions have even begun to offer an online arts degree or online arts classes to students interested in an alternative form of learning. The state has 67 Title IV degree-granting institutions operating within its borders, including 33 public institutions, many of which have begun offering online courses and degrees. The state also has five institutions accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and those are hardly the only arts-related degree-granting institutions available to aspiring artists.

Of the accredited schools, some offer online degree programs, like the University of Kansas, which offers an undergraduate degree in systems analysis and design. Also, Emporia State offers a handful of online arts-related courses and a master’s degree in instructional design and technology. Even Washburn University offers online classes in art, art history, music, and more. Keep in mind these are only a sampling of the online offerings. Universities and community colleges all over the state may over online arts education in some form or another so thorough research is highly encouraged before choosing a program.

Of course there are also plenty of national online and campus-based arts education providers offering arts-related degree programs to Kansas students. The Art Institutes has a campus in Overland Park and Academy of Art University offers online degrees and a campus in San Francisco. In addition, online providers such as Stratford Career Institute, Baker College Online, and The International Academy of Design and Technology are just three of the many national online education providers serving Kansas students with a variety of online art degree programs and classes.

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Why take online art classes in Kansas?

Kansas is known for being a rather agrarian state, but please don’t just assume that everyone in Kansas is a farmer or an agriculture expert. In fact, the state’s creative industry is large, thriving, and a pivotal piece of the state’s economy. As of January 2012, Kansas had almost 6,400 arts-related businesses operating in the state and those businesses employed more than 23,600 people. Most of the businesses and employees are located in Kansas City or in nearby cities like Topeka and Olathe.

That is more than 6,000 career options for recent graduates interested in starting their arts career in Kansas. Students who graduated from online art schools in Kansas may have had the opportunity to making lasting local connections and friendships that will give them an advantage in the local job search. And local businesses may be more familiar and comfortable with graduates from local universities they have had experience with in the past.

Online Education in Kansas Overview

Kansas is on its way to full adopting online education but there are still a number of obstacles that the state needs to clear before it can be considered a leader in the push to online education. The state does offer full-time, publicly funded, virtual education to students of every grade level, but they do not offer individual online courses yet. They also have a process in place to approve digital learning providers but the criteria involved in that process is still murky as the state moves closer to determining what makes an effective and successful digital education provider.

The national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, echoed those sentiments in its report card on Kansas, giving the state high marks for its student access, personalized learning, and quality choices, while also noting that funding, infrastructure, quality content, and advancement all still need serious work in Kansas. Kansas’ ability to improve these grades depends on its willingness to accept online education. The sooner the state can ensure online education’s effectiveness, the more successful it will be in the Sunflower State.