Online Art Schools in Iowa

When it comes to post-secondary education options, Iowa may not have as many different choices as its neighbors Indiana and Illinois do, but it does have more than 65 Title IV degree-granting institutions across the state, more than enough diverse options for a aspiring college student to choose from. Many of those options include degree programs in the arts and while just one school, Drake University, has been accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the state has a number of excellent arts education options, including a number of online arts degree programs and classes to choose from.

Drake offers online courses in fine arts, instructional design, and writing. The University of Iowa offers a master’s degree in strategic communication. And Iowa Central Community College has an associate’s degree in the arts as well as a number of online arts-related courses, and those aren’t even all of the state-specific options.

Of course there are also plenty of national online and campus-based arts education providers offering online arts degree programs to Iowa students. Harrison College, Grand Canyon University, and Full Sail University are three of the larger online arts education providers serving Iowa students, but there are plenty of others so be thorough during the research.

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Why take online art classes in Iowa?

Iowa’s economy is not known for its large creative industry or bustling arts scene, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. As January 2012, the state had nearly 7,500 arts-related businesses that employed more than 26,500 people within its borders, primarily design and visual arts fields.

Students who attend online art schools in Iowa don’t have to stay in-state to start their career of course, but they do have lots of options if they choose to remain in the state and maybe the connections and friendships they made in online art school will pay dividends as they search for a career.

Online Education in Iowa Overview

Unlike some of its Midwestern neighbors, Iowa has not warmed to the idea of virtual education, especially at a state level. High school students are the only ones with access to individual online courses and no students in high school or below have public virtual schools to attend full-time if they chose. The state does have charter schools and an organization called Iowa Online Learning, but they also don’t even have a functioning website where information about digital learning can be accessed.

This isn’t to say that Iowa can support virtual education in the near future; it just needs to be willing to commit resources to the project, which will probably require convincing of online education’s benefits. As of now, the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, gave Iowa low grades on its digital learning report card, especially in the funding and infrastructure categories.

The success of Iowa’s foray into online education will depend entirely on what the state is willing to put into the process. If they are willing to make the commitment and provide effective and accountable digital learning, then they will start to see more favorable evaluations from the online learning community.