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Indiana may not seem like a post-secondary education stronghold, but 109 Title IV degree-granting institutions beg to differ. Indiana is among the 20 most populated states in the country thus, the Hoosier State has a plethora of public and private universities and colleges to choose from. Those institutions also know a thing or two about arts education as a whopping 12 of them are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and those aren’t even the only options. Some of these schools even offer online arts degree programs and classes.

Ivy Tech Community College is one of those schools as it offers dozens of online arts-related courses and an online degree program that involves website design and computer science. Indiana University offers online degrees in communication studies and professional writing, and Purdue University offers a litany of online arts-related courses although no arts-related degrees yet.

There are also plenty of national online and campus-based arts education providers offering online degrees to Indiana students. DeVry University and the Art Institutes both have campus programs in Indianapolis, while online schools like Grand Canyon University, Full Sail University, and the International Academy of Design & Technology serve Indiana students as well.

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Why take online art classes in Indiana?

Indiana has a lot to offer artists and art enthusiasts. We are talking about a state that produced artists from author Kurt Vonnegut to Van Halen singer David Lee Roth and still maintains a thriving arts community today. As of January 2012, the state had more than 13,000 arts-related businesses employing nearly 53,000 people, and the opportunities were surprisingly well spread out across the state. The point is there are plenty of choices for artists and creative minds looking for work in Indiana. Getting your education in the state, whether it is completed traditionally or online, may help you build a network and become well-versed in local career opportunities.

Online Education in Indiana Overview

The Hoosier State appears on the verge of becoming the latest state to give online education its tacit endorsement. The state already offers full-time enrollment in online school to students of all grade levels, but the state schools superintendent has proposed legislation that would require high schoolers to take one online course in order to graduate. There are also two virtual charter schools offering full-time enrollment and a virtual consortium offering individual online courses to high school students in the state, clearly making it one of the leaders in online education adoption nationally.

Online education has still only started to become a statewide issue and it is already a leader in categories like personalized learning, quality of choices, and student access according to the report card from the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now. For online education to truly thrive, the state will still need to provide more standards for advancement and find more funding, but it is still an excellent start.