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The home of one of the largest metropolitan populations in the entire country, it shouldn’t be surprising that Illinois has tremendous number of options of art students, including those looking to study online. The state has 181 Title IV degree-granting institutions, nearly twice the national average, and 60 of those institutions are public. As for reputable and diverse art schools, Illinois doesn’t lack for those either, with 13 institutions accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and a number of other community colleges and institutions that offer a diverse set of art classes.

College of DuPage offers online courses in art history and online web technician and visual basic language proficiency certificates to students with an interest in graphic design. The University of Illinois at Champagne offers a wide array of online degrees at all levels, although few in art except for possibly a bachelor’s degree in computer science for aspiring website designers. Also, Northern Illinois University offers online introductory courses in art history and visual arts, but no online degree programs yet.

Some of the nation’s biggest online art education providers also serve a number of students in Illinois. Online schools such as American InterContinental University, and the International Academy of Design and Technology offer graphic design, photography and other online programs for students looking for a full-time online program.

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Why take online art classes in Illinois?

Few states in the country offer as many potential networking opportunities as Illinois, especially in Chicago. In its 2011 annual report, The Illinois Arts Council reported the state was home to more than 25,000 arts-related businesses that employed almost 125,000 people, and that is only a percentage of the artists in the state. The opportunities are plentiful for aspiring art students interested in what the Midwest has to offer.

These online art classes also offer a unique opportunity to work with the software and tools you will likely need in the creative field throughout the education. Tools like Photoshop and InDesign are crucial for today’s modern photographers and designers, and they are also an integral part of the online learning experience at some online art schools.

Online Education in Illinois Overview

For a state as technologically progressive and innovative as Illinois, it is surprising to see that the state has been a slow adopter of online learning. In fact, the state still does not allow full-time enrollment in a virtual school, although it does offer individual online courses. The national campaign, Digital Learning Now, points out that Illinois could ease aid the progress of digital learning by easing geographical restrictions, as well as other things.

Not surprisingly, the campaign did not give Illinois high scores when it came down to its report card. What points they scored in student access and personalized learning, they lost in barriers to access, infrastructure, and advancement. This doesn’t mean Illinois doesn’t have successful online art schools operating within its borders, it just means the state has long ways to go before it commits to statewide online learning.