Online Art Schools in Idaho

Idaho may be a large state in terms of landmass, but in terms of population and post-secondary education options, things are considerably smaller. The state ranks near the bottom of a national list of inhabitants per square mile and has just 15 Title IV degree-granting institutions within its borders according to the National Center for Education Statistics. And although the state also has just two institutions accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, its arts education options are still worth checking out, including the online arts degree programs and classes.

Of the institutions accredited by NASAD, Boise State has a myriad of online arts-related courses to choose from and offers an online graduate certificate in instructional design. And the University of Idaho offers an online degree in computer science and a number of arts-related online courses as well. Other local institutions that offer online arts classes include Idaho State University and Lewis and Clark State College. Be sure to do your research and see what other options are available.

There are also plenty of national online arts education providers serving Idaho students including DeVry University, Virginia College, American InterContinental University and Full Sail University. There are plenty of others so make sure to do exhaustive research before picking the university you feel fits best.

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Why take online art classes in Idaho?

Idaho is one of the few states that seem convinced to make effective online learning a reality and a necessity, no matter what public opinion may say. In 2011, they became one of the first states to require online course completion as pre-cursor to graduation from high school and the state’s commitment to regulating online learning ensures that the online arts classes and degree programs are held to the same standards as traditional ones.

The state also has a sizeable and bustling creative community despite its relative lack of population. As of January 2012, the state had 4,276 arts-related businesses employing more than 12,300 people within its borders. Those numbers may not seem like much, but they account for 3.65 percent of total businesses and 1.69 percent of total people employed across the state. Those numbers mean that graduates looking to start their arts career in Idaho have a wide selection to choose from. And since local businesses tend to be more comfortable and familiar with graduates of local institutions, online art school graduates may have a leg up when it comes time to search for their first job.

Online Education in Idaho Overview

Given its size, relatively small per capita population, and budget shortcomings, it should be no surprise that Idaho is leading the charge into online education across the state. Idaho is one of the only states that offers full-time enrollment in a virtual school and individual online classes to students from elementary school to high school. And it is also one of the only states to offer home-schooled and private school students publicly funded online education as well. The state lawmakers also have several policies in place to approve digital learning providers and have done an excellent job of breaking down barriers to access for its students.

The national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, gave Idaho high scores in the barriers to access and personalized learning categories, as well as the quality of choices and student access categories. Where the state still lacks is in the infrastructure, quality of content, and funding categories. But even so, online education is flourishing in Idaho thanks to the state’s acceptance of its success and effectiveness.