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In Hawaii, the unfortunate reality is that if you are considering an online art school or an online art-related education, your options are somewhat limited. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design hasn’t accredited any schools in Hawaii to this point and the only art-related online degree programs offer through the state’s university system are a Music Education program and a Cultural Education program offered at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the University of Hawaii at Hilo respectively.

This doesn’t mean you can’t earn an excellent online art education in Hawaii. Both of the online programs at state universities are well-run and well-taught, and most of the major online art education providers serve students from Hawaii. San Francisco-based Academy of Art University is a renowned art school offering full-time online degree programs to students not from the mainland. Online graphic design programs offered by schools like Full Sail University and American InterContinental University are also available to the students.

The good news for Hawaiian art enthusiasts disappointed in the lack of online options is that there are few states in the country that care more about the arts then Hawaii. According to ArtBistro, Hawaii ranked behind only Minnesota and the District of Columbia as recently as 2010 when it came to art budget per capita. This and Hawaii’s increased commitment to online learning bodes well for the future of online art schools in Hawaii.

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Online Education in Hawaii Overview

For the state of Hawaii, online learning is really still in its infancy. The state has made in-roads with the creation of online and blended charter schools and an eSchool network, but the severe lack of infrastructure, quality content, and funding have handicapped the growth of digital learning in the state. The national campaign, Digital Learning Now, didn’t give Hawaii a glowing review in any of their major categories, but they did highlight the state’s relative success at personalizing learning, providing quality choices, and providing plenty of student access.

Instead of looking at Hawaii’s score as bad however, people should look at it as incomplete. Budgetary concerns and cries for alternative forms of learning mean that online education is definitely on the state’s radar in the coming years, and with the right combination of accountability, funding, and infrastructure, the state could leap ahead with a diverse and effective set of online learning options.

Why take online art classes in Hawaii?

For starters, if you like art and beauty, then there are worse places to look for schools than Hawaii. A rich blend of different cultures and art influences combine with the natural beauty of Hawaii to make the one of the more colorful and captivating art communities in the nation.

According to the Hawaii Alliance for Arts Education, a statewide non-profit dedicated to supporting the arts, Hawaii had 3,390 arts-related businesses that employ more than 13,500 people, proving that the creative industry within the state is large and active.  This will help if you choose to work in Hawaii after you finish your arts education. These businesses offer many opportunities to aspiring young artists in various disciplines, and an actual art degree may give you a leg up on the competition.