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According to the State University System of Florida, there more than 300,000 enrollments as of the Fall of 2007. These numbers – which don’t even include the sizable population of students enrolled in the state’s private schools – explain that Florida has one of the larger higher education systems in the country. One small portion of that system is made up of art schools and the students that attend them. The state has multiple organizations, such as the Florida Arts Education Association and the Florida Alliance for Arts Education dedicated to supporting and raising awareness for arts education in the state, so you should know they take the subject very seriously, which generally means higher-quality art schools – some of which may even be online.

As should be expected in a state as large and populous as Florida, all of the major online art education providers maintain a large presence in the state, especially the University of Phoenix, Full Sail University, and the International Academy of Design and Technology Online.

If you are looking for other options, there are six schools in Florida accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Some of the schools, such as Florida State, the University of Florida, and the University of South Florida offer fully online programs at the undergraduate or graduate level and individual courses.

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Why take online art classes in Florida?

No state in the country had more online course enrollees than Florida last year which should show that at the very least, you won’t be alone in your online arts classes, and something has to be working for people otherwise the courses wouldn’t be so popular.

While some people around the country view Florida as a state filled with retirees and the nouveau-riche, the state actually has a diverse population and a thriving and unique art community. South Florida has a distinctly Cuban flavor while North Florida still is influenced by the art and culture of the Deep South, making for an exciting cocktail of artistic ability.

As the art world grows increasingly digital and artists grow increasingly reliant on technology for their art, online art schools are in the unique position to help these artists learn the tools while getting their education. These online art schools use the new technology because it makes the education more efficient and effective, and as a bonus, it really helps students grow comfortable with the equipment and tools they will be using in the real world.

Online Education in Florida Overview

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has been one of the loudest advocates for online education and the state had a nation’s best of more than 250,000 online course enrollments last year. So it should come as no surprise that the national campaign Digital Learning Now! – which Bush is on the board of – gave Florida high marks in a number of categories when it came to online education.

While the state still struggles to implement the proper infrastructure and quality content, it received a “10” for its success personalizing the educational experience and also received high marks for its commitment to offering widespread access. According to the campaign, the state still needs to improve its data collection, and its state-provided guidance to digital learning.

The good news is that because of online education’s popularity in the Sunshine State, policy makers and influencers in the state recognize some of the issues and are lobbying the state to help keep Florida on the forefront of the movement to make education digital.