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There is no question that as one of the smallest states in the country, Delaware’s online art education options and higher education options in general are somewhat limited. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredited just one school in Delaware and that school, the Delaware College of Art and Design doesn’t offer online courses or degree programs yet. That said, there are still a number of options for those considering online art schools in Delaware, and the state supports its arts and arts education. The state is projected to appropriate $1.86 per person to the state arts commission for the 2013 fiscal year and there are a number of online education providers and state universities that offer arts-related degrees and classes completely online.

The state’s flagship university, the University of Delaware has a general Associate in Arts program and Delaware Technical Community College has a diverse distance education program that offers online and hybrid courses to students. National online education provider, Strayer University, also has two campuses inside state borders if online students needed a face-to-face resource. Other recognized online arts education providers such as Full Sail University and Penn Foster and Ashworth University serve students in Delaware, offering online degrees in graphic design and other subjects.

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Why take online art classes in Delaware?

Delaware may not boast the population that states like California and Texas can lean on, but they do have a thriving creative industry where the more than 2,000 arts-related businesses employing just over 9,000 people across the state make up for 3.68 percent of the total businesses in Delaware. The state is not large and many arts-related employers will be familiar with graduates from the local universities. The state’s close knit creative community also offers plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded professionals and perhaps set the foundation for a career in the state.

Online Education in Delaware Overview

Online education in Delaware is somewhat of a mixed bag. While the only statewide virtual school was shuttered shortly after it opened, Delaware school districts offer online learning to their students and the state allows for school districts to allow students to blend their education through state-approved providers.

Overall the state received decent enough marks on their scorecard from the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now. While the funding remains non-existent and personalized learning and quality content lag behind some of the other states in the country. The state did get high marks for its commitment to accountability and its quality of choices, meaning that while online education in the state is still a new concept, it has been implemented successfully in early examples.