Online Art Schools in Colorado

It is easy to look at the fact that of Colorado’s nearly 90 Title IV degree-granting institutions, only four of them are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and get disheartened about the state’s art education options. But when it comes to post-secondary programs, accreditation is nice, but it doesn’t make the difference between an excellent program and a subpar one. In fact, many of Colorado’s institutions offer arts-related degree programs or classes, and some of them can even be taken and completed online.

Of the institutions accredited by NASAD, the University of Denver offers online degree programs in communication arts, web design, and creative writing amongst other subjects. The University of Northern Colorado offers online master’s degrees (with minor on-campus requirements) in theatre education and web design. And the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design offers a small handful of online degree programs as well. Of course these are just a few of the online art degree programs available in Colorado. The University of Colorado and Colorado State University are two other local institutions offering a slew of online arts degree programs at every level.

There are also plenty of national online and campus-based arts education providers serving Colorado students. DeVry University and CollegeAmerica are just two such providers with campuses in the state, and Penn Foster Schools, Art Institutes, and Stratford Career Institute are three of the major online providers offering online arts-related degrees to Colorado students.

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Why take online art classes in Colorado?

It may not have the same immediate ring to it as Los Angeles or New York City, but Denver is an arts-centric city filled with thriving arts-related businesses. In fact, the state as a whole has one of the larger creative communities and economies in the country. As of January 2012, Colorado had nearly 22,000 arts-related businesses operating within its borders and those businesses employed more than 67,500 people across the state.

Those numbers indicate an excellent set of options for newly graduated online art students looking to get a start in a creative industry. As local businesses tend to be more familiar with local institutions, students who graduate from online art schools in Colorado and wish to remain in state may find a more cooperative job market when they set out starting their career.

Online Education in Colorado Overview

As a whole, the state of Colorado is definitely open to the idea of online education, but implementing the idea on a statewide scale has yet to take place. The state offers full-time enrollment in a virtual school to all of its students but only offers online individual courses to its high school students and there is not a lot of public funding set aside for those courses. Colorado Online Learning is a statewide program designed to ensure online education options for interested students and the state has adapted a process to approve digital learning providers.

Unfortunately, all of that progress was not enough to convince the national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, that Colorado was ahead of the curve nationally when it came to virtual learning. The campaign still gave Colorado low scores in the infrastructure and quality of content categories, while also giving the state low scores in the funding and advancement categories.