Online Art Schools in California

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A number of art subjects that have already successfully been converted online and many of the state’s best schools have adopted these online options.

Almost all of the major online education providers including University of Phoenix, DeVry University, and International Academy of Design & Technology Online are well-represented across the state and all have developed successful and effective online degree programs in subjects like video game design and computer animation. But they are hardly the only institutions in the state offering online art classes.

The Academy of Art in San Francisco is one of the most well-respected art schools in the country and it also recently starting offering online degrees in art subjects, including online master’s degrees in architecture and digital photography.

The University of California-Berkeley offers a number of online degree programs; including programs in graphic design, and landscape architecture. And even the prestigious Stanford University has begun offering free online courses in green-building, algorithm design, and 3D visual arts.

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Why take online art classes in California?

Online education proponents always trot out the same old benefits (i.e. lower cost and more flexibility) when defending online learning and while these benefits are proven and important, there are more reasons that online art school may be beneficial for you.

Many art careers, especially in the design and photography fields, require knowledge of computer-aided design and photography software and at an online art school students get the opportunity to become familiar and comfortable using those tools because they are constantly using them.

Also art disciplines are usually not subjects that require uniform learning strategies. Aspiring designers and artists study, learn, and work in different ways and at different paces. These online programs are specifically designed to help each student learn their own way, at their own speed, so everyone enrolled gets a comprehensive education. California is also home to a couple of best and coolest cities to live in for artists.

Online Education in California Overview

California is home to 454 total Title IV degree-granting programs according to data from National Center for Education Statistics and is also home to almost 2.4 million students according to data from the California Postsecondary Education Commission. The economic downturn has forced the California State University System to make drastic cuts to funding, staffing, and services. These cuts have forced Californian students to seek out alternative learning options and one of those– online learning – continues to grow more popular.

The California Learning Resource Network recently surveyed 485 school districts in the state as part of their statewide e-learning census and they found that 45 percent of responding districts offered online learning options, but most had fewer than 100 students learning online. It is safe to assume that has more districts learn of the benefits of online learning, it will become more common, even amongst art schools.