Online Art Schools in Arkansas

Fewer states have more public institutions to choose from at the post-secondary level that Arkansas. The state has a total of 51 Title IV degree-granting institutions and a whopping 33 of them are public institutions. Many of these public institutions and many of the private ones as well offer arts classes and arts degrees.

But just recently, some of these institutions branched into online education and a number of them now offer online art schools and online art degree programs for students looking for an alternative form of learning. Arkansas understands the importance of the arts, which is why it ranks sixteenth in the country when it comes to money per person appropriated to the state arts agency for the 2013 fiscal year and arts education plays a big role in that, especially at the post-secondary level.

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has accredited four institutions in Arkansas. Arkansas State offers online courses in communications and writing amongst other things. The University of Central Arkansas offers online certificates in graphic design and digital arts amongst other things. And the University Of Arkansas, Little Rock offers numerous online arts-related courses as well as an online master’s degree in reading which can help aspiring art students. Keep in mind these are only three of the state-specific institutions offering online arts options, be sure to research all the options before making a decision.

There are, of course, a large portion of national online arts education providers serving Arkansas students as well. The University of Phoenix, the Art Institutes, Ashworth College and Penn Foster Schools are just a few of the big names that offer online degrees in fashion design, digital arts, and photography to name a few.

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Why take online art classes in Arkansas?

Arkansas, as a state, is passionate about the arts. And that passion has translated into an artist-friendly economy that has a bustling and booming creative industry operating within it. As of January 2012, Arkansas was home to nearly 5,300 arts-related businesses that employed nearly 18,500 people, with the majority of those businesses and employees centered mostly in the capital of Little Rock. The options are plentiful and in a wide-ranging of disciplines, meaning graduates of local online art schools with have plenty of local career options once they graduate.

Arkansas is also a quite rural and large state with many of its post-secondary options spread out across the state. These online degree programs and classes afford students the luxury of picking the courses and programs they feel are the best fit without having to worry about a strict class schedule or transportation issues. This opens up many of the state’s institutions to a larger population and offers them an opportunity they might not otherwise have.

Online Education in Arkansas Overview

Arkansas has begun to implement statewide virtual education options but it is far from done. Currently, private school and home school students are eligible for publicly-funded online education provided the funding is available. Also, the state offers individual online courses but no full-time virtual high school, while younger students have access to a full-time virtual school but not individual online classes.

The national campaign for online learning, Digital Learning Now, gave the state mediocre scores as a whole, lauding the state for its quality of choices and personalized learning while also showing the lack of funding and infrastructure in place across the state. Of course these are not scores based on the post-secondary options, which should stand apart from the scores and offer a wider variety of effective and accountable online arts courses and degrees.