Arlissa VaughnLive Portrait Painter

Most commissioned artists work from a studio or office, and the public doesn’t typically see their masterpieces come to life, but in the case of professionally trained fine artist Arlissa Vaughn – she is constantly surrounded by people. Vaughn is a live portrait painter, who combines symbolic imagery with layered colors to produce on-the-spot works of art.

“I capture life’s special celebrations on canvas either live on-site at the event or pre/post-event in my studio based on photos. There are only about ten artists in the USA presently offering live event painting services like mine,” says Vaughn.

Vaughn says she is in a field of professional art that not many painters do, yet it is quite lucrative. The number of events that a live painter may work at is high – she’s even painted live at sporting competitions.

Wedding and fundraisers are especially popular she says.

“Couples find that having a live event painter at their wedding creates a distinct atmosphere, setting their ceremony and/or reception apart from that of their friends. Additionally, they have an original artwork to commemorate their special day – a painting that will become a family heirloom.”

At fundraisers, Vaughn says she often creates a painting related to the theme of the fundraiser during the cocktail hour.

“Then, if there is an auction involved. My artwork will be auctioned to the guests who just witnessed its creation!” She adds.

Arlissa Vaughn - LoveThe first time Vaughn painted live was at an art festival in Huntington Beach, California, and says it was more like an experiment. “In preparation for the event, I was trying to think of ways to entice visitors to enter my tent and take a look at the artwork. A friend suggested I do a “demonstration,” basically meaning that I create a painting live on-site at the festival.”

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